Even though only around 6% of the student population in the University of Michigan identifies as Latino, there are many clubs, frats, and sororities that raise awareness and share the Hispanic culture throughout the campus. Here are some the top 4 latino greek houses that help spread el amor latino (in other words, the latino love, mi gente). 

1. Lambda Theta Phi

This frat started its chapter in the university in the late 90’s. The students who join help spread the culture, raise awareness, promote unity and educate others. They’ve been very successful in their mission, spending a big portion of their time and effort to their cause. (On a side note, they also have some of the best latino parties in their house. Just a heads up.)

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2. Delta Tau Lambda

Delta Tau Lambda was also started in the 90’s. What sets this group of girls apart is that their very community service-driven, which includes educating youth and developing the Latino community. Through their service, they’ve also managed to implement many ideas to empower and help women in the university.

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3. Sigma Lambda Gamma

This greek house is known to be the largest Latino sorority in the nation. They stand for five main principles: academics, morals and ethics, community service, cultural awareness and social interactions. Their chapter in U of M is known to be filled with hardworking and intelligent individuals who strive to represent their culture and raise awareness.

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4. Phi Iota Alpha

Interestingly enough, this frat is the love child of two other frats from the 30’s that merged together. Their work is inspired by “The Five Pillars”. In other words, by five extremely notable and historical Hispanic figures. These individuals strive to be as inspiring and influential as those men once were.

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Everyone knows that Latinos are loud and proud and love to make noise, these four fraternities and sororities embody that ideal better than most other Hispanic organizations in the University. They wear their culture with pride and strut their history with honor. If you love your ancestry and want to be part of a group that wants to further, improve and immortalize your cultural legacy, join any of these organizations. If you want to find out more information, check out this webpage!


Natalia Carolina

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