During U of M‘s winter semester, there’s not much to do outside. (Understandably though, it’s usually freezing.) Because of that, all of the intramural teams are indoors. Out of all the options, indoor soccer is always one of the most competitive (don’t let that deter you though, it’s also extremely fun). If you want to join the league and make it far, these are the 5 people you definitely need on your team.

1. A striker

Even though there are many smart formations and plays in the world of indoor soccer, the most common one in the intramural league includes one player up top (the striker), two wingers, and one goalie. If you want to switch it up and move the players around, that’s fine. Just keep in mind that having at least one striker that can score all the balls that are passed to him/her is of utmost importance and benefit to the team.  Image result for indoor soccer


2. Someone that can make great passes

Now that you’ve secured the score-maker, you need a player that can make the passes. This is someone with great sight and sense of the game. He/she should be able to figure out the best plays and courses of action by just glancing around the field. With an incredible passer and a great striker, you’ll have nothing to worry about.  Image result for indoor soccer


3. A player with great defensive skills

Now that your offense is set up, what are you going to do about your defense? Find someone with a great defensive background. He/she doesn’t need to have great ball control (even though it would be better). As long as he/she can tackle and kick the ball far, far away when the other team gets too close for comfort, add them to the team. It’s great to have a backup plan in case your offense is having an off day or the other team’s defensive line is above average. Image result for indoor soccer


4. Someone with great hand-eye coordination

This is where the goalie comes in. This person doesn’t need a soccer background. As long as he/she gets the rules, understands the game and has amazing hand-eye coordination, you’ll be more than fine. (One important note is to make sure that this person can communicate effectively with the rest of the team.) Image result for intramural indoor soccer


5. The sub

Finally, the last piece of your carefully crafted team should be the “sub”. In other words, the person that switches with anyone else on the team when the other player needs a break. This person should be well-rounded in everything in order to take anyone’s place in the field. Image result for intramural indoor soccer

If you follow this list and pick each and every one of your players carefully, the other team will definitely have something to fear. Keep in mind that you can always add more players to the team, it’s not strictly capped off at 5. Also, always remember to have fun!


Natalia Carolina

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