West Quad (also commonly known as Best Quad) is one most definitely, as the nickname says, the best dorm in the university (right next to Alice Lloyd, of course – that place is a palace).  Because of its popularity, the types of people you see around the halls and study rooms can vary drastically. Here are the four most common types of people you can find roaming, gossiping or studying within West Quad’s walls.

1. The Typical Sorority Girl

The most common type of person in West Quad. is, without a speck of doubt, the typical sorority girl. They’re everywhere, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights before going to party in whatever frat of their liking. Most commonly, they can be found in the CLC, chatting and gossiping about drama that happened last weekend, is happening throughout the week or will most probably happen next weekend.

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2. MCSP-ers

One of the university’s living/learning communities, MCSP, is housed in West Quad, so it’s very common to see its members and staff mingling about. They hold events in the Multicultural Center all the time and their office can be found right next to the Community Center.

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3. Jocks

Even though most students affiliated with any type of varsity sport are housed in South Quad, those who aren’t live in West. Because of that, they’re super easy to spot (what with their blue U of M winter coats, shoes, and attire). They’re loud, eager to do something and adrenaline junkies- each and every one of them. Most of them are also, funny enough, extremely big. They have huge torsos and shoulders and often tower over 6 feet tall.

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4. Engineering Majors

Another surprisingly common type of student in West is Engineering majors. They are usually in any one of the study rooms around the dorm. If you go up to the CLC late at night, most of the students still studying are in some type of engineering field. Don’t be fooled though, they like to party as well. Finding them walking back from a late hangout is super common.

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5. Frat Boys

It’s no surprise that with two frat houses less than a block away (and one currently being renovated to house a frat), West Quad is filled with frat boys. Can’t tell if you’ve come across any of them? Their telltale characteristics are obvious: white vans or converse covered in dirt, polo shirts and covered in pastels colors. Ring a bell?

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These are just some of the types of people who roam the halls of West Quad, there are hundreds of other one too. The level of diversity that covers this dorm’s halls (and the university in general) is what makes U of M such a great school. Every Wolverine is different and unique in their one way.


Natalia Carolina

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