MISS, most commonly known as the Michigan International Student Society, is one of U of M‘s most famous international clubs on campus. Overall, they have around 70 members per year, and they cap off the number of new members at around 20 per semester. It’s extremely competitive, so this is what you should expect from their application process.

1. It’s hectic

Since it’s so competitive, triple the amount of students that are going to be accepted, apply. The speed dating event, one of the most important ways to meet members of the board, is a clusterfuck of people moving, itching and waiting to introduce themselves and have their names written in a thin sheet of paper (to make sure whichever member of the club remembers your name). It’s crazy, worth it, but totally crazy.

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2. Don’t slack off on the application

Even though it’s not long (and they repeatedly state that you don’t have to add a resumé), don’t leave the application for the last minute. They want people who stand out and can be remembered, so don’t leave for late at night (when you’re so tired from studying and doing other things that your creative juices aren’t flowing). Don’t put yourself through that, it might really hinder you more than help you.

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3. Meet as many people as you can

The majority of the process involves meeting people who are already in the club (and making an impression on them). When the time for voting comes, if the members don’t remember you at all, you probably won’t get in, regardless of how good your essays end up being. Email the members, take your time introducing yourself to each and everyone (and make sure – this is very important – that you talk to members of the board).

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4. Don’t stress yourself out

The students who make up the club are lively, energetic and always down to meet new people. MISS’ activities are open to the general public, so as long as you know someone that can give you the time and location, you can go without having to be in the club. The members encourage you to reapply in the coming years if you don’t make it on your first try. It happens to many people!

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On a final note, don’t attach your resumé to your application. MISS isn’t interested in that. They are a fun group of international (and national) students looking for people to have a good time with. As long as you’re open to that mentality, you’ll fit right in (and you won’t regret it one bit).


Natalia Carolina

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