If you’re one of the lucky ones, housing placed you somewhere in Central Campus for your freshman year of college. If not, you probably find yourself in Bursley or Baits. In North Campus. Here are some of the top reasons why living in North sucks.

1. You’re far from everything

Going out is, more often than not, a hassle. Everything is far away, so you’ll probably find yourself paying for an absurd amount of ubers during your outings if you miss the last bus that travels up. You’ll also won’t be able to go to your dorm if you have classes scattered across the day. It’s not worth it, the trip up and down will take up most of your free time anyway.

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2. North is antisocial

All of the frat houses and clubs are in Central. There’s nothing in North Campus. Nothing. The only way you’ll be able to go out in North is if you know someone who has an apartment there, but most of the people that live there do so for the silence. In other words, you really have to get creative if you want to have a good time up there.

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3. There’s nothing to do

One of the many good things about Central Campus is that it’s filled with places, activities, and restaurants to go to. There’s always something to do, even if it means going to the Arb, out to eat, or a Yoga Studio. North doesn’t even have a gym (since it’s currently under renovation), and the only places to go eat are at Pierpont Commons (a grand total of four options).

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4. It’s colder

For some unknown reason, it’s usually colder in North Campus than in Central. It probably has something to do with the significantly less amount of buildings and people (was it mentioned that North is antisocial?). There’s more space for air to travel, and that sucks when the temperature starts dropping below zero.

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In summary, living in North Campus is awful, but, amongst all the bad, there is some good. Having such bad housing will make you appreciate and cherish wherever you end up living next, and you’ll probably meet amazing people whom you can relate to. Who knows? Maybe the person two doors down from you will end up being your best friend.


Natalia Carolina

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