Miss is short for Michigan International Student Society. They’re basically a group of students from all over the world who want to have a good time while respecting each other’s different cultures, points of views, nationalities, and ethnicities. Aside from their diversity, they’re known for their parties, and “Initiation Night” is no exception.

1. It’s wild

Even though most people get there more than two hours after its official start, it’s wild. The Jungle Juice tastes awful but is gone within minutes, and the houses that host the parties are usually way too small to accommodate the huge amount of people who end up showing up. It’s stuffy and sweaty, but so totally worth it get in.

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2. Diverse music

Since it’s an international student society, there’s barely music in English. The playlist is an amalgamation of known English rap, Spanish reggaeton, and any other foreign song or artist that can be found in Spotify. They don’t discriminate, you can ask for any song to be played.

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3. New people to meet

If you’re a new member, it means you know the E-board and the old members who went to the speed dating event. So many other members that you won’t know will show up to Initiation Night. So many that you’ll probably spend most of the night introducing yourself, dancing (of course), and continuing to introduce yourself.

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4. You can speak your native dialect

There are people from literally every corner of the world in Miss. One of them is bound to speak your same native language, whether it’s Spanish, English, Arabic, French… anything. 

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5. It’s a night you’ll never forget

Maybe that’s a bad subtitle… it’s a night you won’t forget because of everything you do forget. There’s no hazing involved in the club, and you don’t have to drink if you don’t want to, but most people do (a lot). Remember, and don’t ask why: always hold your drink with your left hand.

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All in all, Miss’ Initiation Night is worth every second of the hassle of applying to the club. There’s great company paired with great music and dancing… is there really anything else to ask for?


Natalia Carolina

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