1. The food here is terrible.

Along with many dining halls with their own variety, there are Indian, Italian, Japanese and Mexican restaurants along with many others right on Central Campus.  You’ll bound to find your flavors in Ann Arbor somewhere.

2. “Go State!”

Wolverines only wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

3. “That Calc. III exam was a breeze”

Say that again?

4. “Maize and Blue just doesn’t match my outfit.”

5. “I found a parking spot right next to my building!”

That is the equivalent of winning the lottery (when it happens).

6.”What is North Face?

You’ll find out what it is once winter sets in.

7. “Tuition rates are so low.”

Yes, if you got a full ride.

8. “Zingerman’s, never heard of it.”

Have you been to Ann Arbor yet? You’ll hear about it soon enough.

9. “My intellectual perspective never changed or was forced to change at Michigan”.

Secular much?

10. “Foreign students? Never heard of them.”

Roughly 10% of population at U of M are international, you’re sure to run into one at some point.

11. “Those Ohio State fans are really courteous.”

Please be sure to mark November 28 on your calendar.


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Posted by OneClass on Wednesday, August 12, 2015


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