The University of Michigan is definitely one of the most challenging colleges out of the Midwest Top Ten. The courses here are rigorous and the workload is heavy, but taking classes here always pays off. The experience you get inside the classrooms and with professors is one you can’t pass up. Here are 10 of the best classes to take at the University of Michigan.

1. Intro to Cognitive Science – CogSci 200

This class is all about the human mind and how it works. Cognitive Science is a relatively new field, but it focuses on the deep questions of the mind and how it works and why it does what it does. Although it’s an intro class, the material dives deep into multiple different sections, including psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and even computer science. It’s an awesome class for anyone from any major.

2. The History and Evolution of Hip Hop Culture – AAS 254

This class focuses on the growth and changing character of the hip-hop culture. Students learn about hip hop’s history and how it continues to impact America’s social and music scene. This is an awesome class to learn about how a marginalized population came together to make something amazing.

3. Law and Culture – AnthrCul 252

This class draws in on the study of how the law affects culture, and how a certain culture affects what laws are put into place. It draws on international law and policies and connects these to the culture that the people live in. The class draws on the questions such as: What is law? What does law do? What stories does law tell?

4. Empowering Community through Art – Amcult 311

This class focuses on what it means to be empowered and how to show this through art. This class is not only taught in the classroom, but students also participate in art programs in communities around Ann Arbor for hands-on experience.

5. How to be Gay -Womenstd 313

Even though it’s from a women’s studies department, this class hones in on what it means for a man to be gay. It focuses on not the sexual attraction, but on the literary, social and cultural aspects of what it means to be gay in America.

6. Frauds and Fantastic Claims in ArchaeologyAnthrarc 285

Delving into myths such as Atlantis and Ancient Aliens, this class is about the extraordinary claims people have made about archaeological structures. While learning about all of these crazy stories, you also learn how to tell truth from falsehoods.

7. The Image of the Samurai – Asian 311

The class explores the history of the samurai and how it has come to stand for what it has today. No longer just a Japanese image, the samurai had gone global, and in doing so, has become universal in its meaning. This class focuses on the rise of the samurai.

8. Death, Immortality, and the Afterlife – History 231

This class is all about the different images of what happens after you die. There are multiple cultures that each have a unique idea of what the afterlife looks like, and this class explores most of them. It focuses on the universality of death in human cultures.

9. The Art of Yoga – Histart 304

This class not only combines two amazing things, art and yoga, the class actually takes field trips to different yoga places around Ann Arbor. The class focuses on the cultural impact of yoga in South Asia.

10. Aliens – Astro 106

This class discusses the ongoing search for life outside of our planet. The class focuses on the solar map and searching for signs of life, and then the class discusses the possibility of alien life forms and what that means for the human race. Not a bad way to spend an hour.

These are some of the best classes to make the most of your time at the University of Michigan. Each class offers something new, and the experience students get from taking these classes is irreplaceable.

S Jeng

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