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Is this your third week at the University of Minnesota? Then chances are you might be looking for some advice, or you might just find some you need here. As a senior graduating in only 3 months, these are my words of wisdom to those of you just starting this fantastic and torturous journey of collegehood and adulthood.

1. Find shortcuts

If you’ve just started walking to classes and work, you probably don’t know all the best routes. Try new paths between buildings, through buildings, or sometimes even underground, and you’ll probably find some quicker routes to your buildings.

2. Find a go-to study space

This will be crucial, as it can be truly impossible to get real work done in your own room with lots of Netflix to distract you.

3. Don’t feel like you have to be friends with everyone you live with

Just because you were randomly assigned to live on the same floor of a dorm doesn’t mean there’s any pressure to like each other.

4. Talk to one professor personally

It’s a good idea to make these contacts early. They’re good people to get letters of recommendation from, or to get career advice from.

5. Use your free resources

Seriously, you will strongly regret not using the many resources here right from the start. As my college experience comes to an end, I will aggressively miss the free events, free food, mental health services, medical care, resume services, discounted tickets, discounted U-passes, and so on and so forth.

6. Check your emails constantly

Your email is your life. Become accustomed to the lifestyle of checking it every hour or two, because this will be your life for years.

7. Work on your resume now

You might want to apply for a job or a resume soon. Even if you don’t have tons of experience yet, you can add to that resume later on.

8. Read more

Get used to reading a lot, and learn to enjoy it. Reading makes you smarter, makes you a better writer, and will be a necessary part of college life.

9. Try restaurants you don’t think you’ll like

The Twin Cities is a fantastic food location. Just around campus, there are countless options for great Asian food, Indian food, African food, burgers, tacos, breakfast, pasta, Latin American food, and more. Try things you don’t know about. They’re literally all fantastic.

10. Ask upperclassmen questions

It’ll make us feel useful and special, and it will help you out. We’re not scary, we’re still scared of life too. We just know more about this school than you do.



Annie Burdick

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