It’s sophomore year at the U of M and that can seem a bit nerve wracking for many reasons, but it turns out it is way better than expected. You’re not a baby Gopher who doesn’t know what they are doing anymore. You actually have some part of life figured out and it feels great. Here are ten reasons why being a sophomore is way better than being a freshman at the U.

#1: No more Superblock, no more dorms.

This is probably the most important reason sophomore year is better than freshman year here at the U.  Yes, it was fun in the moment to be for the most part all together with the rest of the freshman class and to be in a small dorm room with your roommate (if you liked and got along with them), but it is so much better to be living anywhere else sophomore year. Living in an apartment in Dinky Town is way more exciting. More freedom, more space and more fun. Which brings me to reason number two.Image result for umn superblock picture

#2: There is no CA.

No one comes to tell you to shut your door at a certain time or to tell you that your friends need to leave. You also never have to meet with them for semester individual and roommate meetings to either say you’re loving life or to snitch on your horrible roommate. While floor activities that your RA planned may have been fun, in sophomore year you don’t have to worry about forced friendships.Image result for college ra knocking on dorm door

#3: Hopefully your Liberal Education requirements are almost done and you no longer have to take dumb classes that you either hate or have no interest in.


You may have taken a random meteorology class freshman year thinking it would be a way easier science to take compared to chemistry to fulfill the requirement. However, you probably realized that no matter what science class you take, it’s going to be hard and you’re going to hate it (unless of course you’re into science). Either way, it is exciting to be done with random required classes that you probably hate sitting through.Image result for bored in class

#4: Speaking of being done with liberal education requirements, you probably now have an actual idea of what you are doing with your life.


Rather than being completely undecided, clueless or unsure of your major, you finally feel like you might actually have your life together. More of your classes are actually interesting and have to do with your major, which is pretty exciting.Image result for bright future

#5: Friends


While you still get to meet new people, you have your main core group of friends already who you hang out with. There is no stress of having to force yourself to get to know your neighbors or classmates. You can if you want, but at least you always have your friends from the year before.Image result for umn students

#6: You’re older, wiser and closer to being 21.


At some point during your sophomore year, most people are turning 20 years old and I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty cool. You’re not a teenager anymore and you feel like you are a real adult now. It’s the beginning of your 20s. There is so much to look forward to!Image result for birthday cake 20th

#7: Hopefully now you have school kind of figured out.


You know the level of difficulty of classes and you know how much time you have to put into classes in order to do your best. There’s not as much uncertainty like freshman year. And because of this, now all your little freshman friends you may have look up to you, ask you for advice and think you know everything. Even though you don’t, you act like it and think highly of yourself.Image result for bowing down cartoons

#8: Here’s a big one, you aren’t fresh meat.


All of welcome week you get to laugh at all of the freshman walking around campus lost and confused. They all have their free Goldie Gopher backpacks and their maroon and gold lanyards around their necks. You walk by the herds of them walking around acing like little kids still and you can laugh, be glad that’s not you, but also cringe that only a year ago that was you. Either way, you’re not “fresh meat” and that is a really nice thing.Image result for stereotypical freshman

#9: Real food.


While some may think this is a negative thing, it is nice to not have to eat in a dining hall. Even though 17th has the best food, you don’t need to walk to get it. You can make what you want, when you want, in the comfort of your own home (apartment). No need to tie up your boots and put on your heavy jacket just for a semi-decent meal.

Image result for thanksgiving meal#10: Overall as a sophomore you know more.


You know more about yourself, about your school, and about life. You know who your people are and you know where the parties are (there’s more to the weekend than frat row). You know how to have fun but also how to get your work done. Life just seems to be starting to go your way, even though it also seems to be somewhat a mess. But when you look back on freshman year, you realize you are doing better off.Image result for goldy gopher

Overall, being a Sophomore is great. You start to have life figured out and aren’t a newbie any more. You’re older and cooler and get to live more like an adult without all of the real, full-on adult stress. You’re also probably best friends with Goldy now too, and that’s probably the most important part.


Mary Larson

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