After a beautiful summer and a delightful fall, Minnesotans know they are headed into the dreaded cold soon to follow. That first crisp 30 degree day, students know it is downhill from there. Here are 5 things that happen on campus once temperatures bottom out.

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1. Gopher game days.

We used to sweat in our gopherals, but now we need a snow suit to go under them. Those 70 and sunny days are long out of the picture. Instead there is probably a good chance of snow. Instead of girls wearing their maroon sports bras and crop tops, they’re wearing layers upon layers and baggy sweatshirts and scarves. The winter boots even make an appearance.

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2. Hockey and Basketball are now part of your schedule.

Now that the temperatures have dropped, it’s that time of the year again. Weekends are now spent in Mariucci and random days of the week in the Barn. There is always some sort of sporting event. And it’s all fun and exciting except for the extremely cold and windy walks over to get there.

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3. Not only is it cold, it’s dark early on.

This is when you wished you went to a small school where it didn’t take 15 minutes to walk home.This means it is time to bundle up. Long and puffy coats, tall and furry boots, and big and bulky scarves bundle us up. We wear our Goldie mittens and hats, yet we still aren’t warm on our cold, dark walks home.

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#4. If you live or lived in a dorm (especially Pio), you know that you’re going to freeze all winter long.

You better invest in a heated blanket now or make a bunch of Gopher tie blankets because the superblock dorms are not going to keep you as warm as you want. Other than Frontier and 17th, all of those dorms are old and drafty. The floors are cold, the windows aren’t sealed well and you can’t adjust the heat.

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#5. The campus connector is jam-packed. All the time.

This means that you are going to have to forget the Minnesota nice and force yourself into the front of the pack getting on if you want to get a spot to sit. Otherwise you’re stuck standing, which is okay for short trips. But if you’re headed to St. Paul, it will suck. So that means you have to get to the bus stop earlier and not ever be running late.

With this being said, bundle up Gophers. Get your Goldy mittens and your maroon and gold hats out because winter is here in Minnesota and it’s probably going to be miserable. This may make you wish you could transfer, but don’t worry, spring will be here before you know it! Plus, campus does look beautiful covered in snow (as long as you’re looking at it from inside a warm building).



Mary Larson

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