To be honest, on the first day of this class will seem like it is going to be a long semester. It creates a bad feeling that this class is going to be very long and very boring, but it actually becomes very enjoyable. Here are the five main reasons why JOURN 3745 is a great class at the University of Minnesota.


#1. There are no tests. 

This is the most important reason. Tests are hard, stressful and can ruin a class grade. But in this class, grades are made up of in-class assignments and online work. This makes the stress load a lot lighter.

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#2. There are online quizzes every weekend, but they are open book.

Yeah it may be a pain to have to take a quiz by every Monday, but it’s all open book in the comfort of your own home. It is still way better than preparing for a big midterm or final exam.

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#3. The Material isn’t actually very boring.

The class actually discusses a lot of interesting topics. They all are real life problems which lead to great class discussions. Plus since there are no tests, notes don’t necessarily need to be taken. Sitting and enjoying the lecture is possible (or dozing off if needed).

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#4. The journalism professors are amazing.

There are no unlikable professors. They all have either funny or energetic personalities which makes class so much more enjoyable. They have all been very nice and helpful as well.

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#5. Watching an episode of Stranger Things is a possibility.

If this doesn’t sound exciting, then nothing else will. An episode of Stranger Things was actually watched in class. It even related to the final project, which makes it so much more enjoyable to work on.

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This lecture will turn out to be as enjoyable and totally worth taking. It is fun and not very stressful. Even non journalism majors who are looking for a class to cover a liberal education requirement will find this class to be a fun one.


Mary Larson

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