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Out of all of the possible science classes, ANTH 1001 may seem like one of the easier ones to take over chemistry or physics. Which is probably true, but it is definitely not a fun class to take. It is one of the most boring classes at the University of Minnesota and here are five reasons why.

1. Human evolution is very detailed.

There is so much to learn in this class. From the dental structure of an ape to the eating habits of a tarsier. Who even knows what a tarsier is? So many primates and ones that no one even knows exist.

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2. Since it is so detailed, exams are killers.

There is so much to remember and know for each different primate and their relationships to other primates. Since there is so much material to know, the exams are a struggle and it takes a lot of studying to be prepared.

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3. Speaking of tests, the professor doesn’t even give us an outline to study.

Most professors gladly give an outline or point out specific things to study for the test, but this one does not. He believes that no learning should go to waste. Apparently stress is good for a person, so why not be stressed about every little detail learned in class.

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4. Labs suck.

Two hours of looking at fake primate fossils gets to be annoying. Week after week, dealing with stress over making correct analyzations and take aways from each fossil gets to be a lot of work.

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5. Humans are fish.

Who knows how or why. It’s confusing, which is just another reason to not take this course. Other than when learning this, falling asleep in class is very likely.Image result for fish

So basically this class is going to be boring, until it’s lab day or time for midterms. Boring and stressful is a bad combination. Unless human evolution seems very interesting, this most likely isn’t going to be an enjoyable class for you.




Mary Larson

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