JOUR 4251, the psychology of advertising, is an interesting class that has a lot interesting concepts. The class can be hard and confusing at times but listening and doing the work will go a long way when it comes to being prepared for the tests and projects. They might seem difficult, but with these five study tips, it is easy to earn a good grade.

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1. Take notes at every class.

It is important to take notes in class so that everything that’s discussed is written down to refer to later. It also allows for additional information that the professor says while teaching to be added to the lecture notes. Her examples may not be online, only spoken in class.

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2. Review notes at the end of every week.

At the end of every week, it is helpful to review what was gone over and learned about throughout the week. This way certain words and ideas will be remembered better. Making flash cards of the week could be helpful.

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3. Take the reading seriously.

Every week there is a chapter reading assignment from the textbook. It will be beneficial to at least skim through the reading and do the paragraph assignment about what was learned from the reading. This will help to remember specifics later on when the exam is near.

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4. When the professor gives an outline for what will be on the test, look over it!

Before each exam, the professor will show the class an outline of what will be on the test and what topics should be focused on for the exam. It will only be beneficial to actually review what is on the outline.

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5. Don’t start to study just the night before!

There is way too much information that is covered on the test for just one night of studying to be sufficient. Breaking up parts of the review to study in the week leading up to the exam will be a lot easier.

The exams are so much easier when these tips are used for studying. It won’t seem as hard and a high test score will be well within reach.



Mary Larson

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