The World of Rome is probably one of the most boring classes at the University of Minnesota, but it is also one of the easiest. It can be somewhat enjoyable because of that. It may not become a favorite class, but at least it should be an easy A and here is why.


#1. Open book essay tests!

What is better than an open book test? Not much! There are four written tests in the semester and the possible essay questions are given out a week before the test. It is easy prepare for something you already know is coming. Plus having the book for tests helps so much.

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#2. It is easy to get away with skipping class

It is easy to get by with skipping lectures. Every class just consists of listening to the professor talking about the Roman empire. All of the info is put up online so it is easy to make up what is missed.

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#3. There is a quiz many Fridays, but the professor says exactly what to study

Quizzes are annoying, but knowing exactly what will be on them makes them easy to ace every time. Just need to make sure to memorize the few answers to the couple questions that will be asked

#4. There is extra credit!

Lots of extra credit is available! It is literally hard to not get an A. On every test and quiz there are chances for extra credit, plus lots of extra easy essays that can be done for more credit. This makes it easy to not worry too much about essay tests.

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#5. Instead of skipping, go to class and get other homework done

Since class is so boring or worth skipping, it is easy to get homework for other classes done in class. It is the perfect class for multitasking. More time is always needed for homework, so why not take this class.

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An easy A, no hard work and an easy class to skip. It sounds like the perfect class to take. It won’t cause much stress and even though it is boring, it will be worth it at the end of the day when there is one less class to worry about.


Mary Larson

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