Writ1301 is a required class here at the University of Minnesota. So for those who do enjoy writing an essay over taking a test, here are five reasons why this is a fun class.

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#1. No tests!

Writing is all that is graded in this class, so there will never be late nights cramming and memorizing for stressful tests. Maybe a late night last minute writing a paper, but for someone who likes writing, a last minute essay seems way better than last minute cramming.

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#2. The professor is always willing to look over a draft before the due date

It is very helpful to get feedback on an essay on the first draft, so you will know what the professor is looking for. You can be more confident in what your final draft that you will submit.

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#3. After a grade on an essay is returned with feedback, there are edits

If an essay didn’t go as well as hoped, there is always a chance to improve. It is easy to earn some points back by just taking the advice from the professor, doing some quick edits, and resubmitting the paper. This also decreases amount of stress from the beginning knowing that there can be a second try.

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#4. Students get to choose the topic for their semester long research assignment

The four essays that make up the semester research project are all about what the writer wants to research. The teacher gives a broad theme and the student can go from there. It makes the project much more enjoyable and actually interesting.

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#5. No final, just a presentation

When finals come around, it is nice to have one less class to worry about studying for. A presentation is never too hard to put together, especially when it is about research gathered over the whole semester. It just needs some organization of the info from the four papers and a few pictures to go along with it.

Students who love writing will love Writ1301. It will improve your writing even though it is not too challenging of a course. The professors are helpful and getting an A isn’t difficult. It isn’t too stressful and can be fun along the way!

Mary Larson

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