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Liberal education courses are a touchy subject; either people love them or hate them.  It all depends on which ones you take, and many people decide to take a psychology course in order to find more out about human behavior.  The course itself is very interesting, but the curriculum can be challenging and tests are always rough.  That’s why, by making sure you gain the points in these 4 areas in PSY 1001 at the University of Minnesota, you will get that A you’ve been craving!

1. Chapter Quizzes

These are fairly easy to do, as they are a 10 question quiz that you take online, and can take as many times as you want until you get the score you want.  They may not be worth a ton of points individually, but together they can edge your class score up to that higher grade you’ve been dying for.

2. Essays

These are undoubtedly the most painful part of the course.  10 essays due near the end of the semester, all graded by an auto-grader that can make you feel like Freud’s descendant or the dumbest kid on the block.  But hey, it’s a computer, what does it know?  Just make sure you use a lot of the words you read in the chapter and keep restating your main idea.  The nice part is that they collectively count as one exam, so you get a grade boost and can say that you passed one exam!

3. Discussion and Individual Posts

There is a lot of group work within this class, and it usually works in your favor.  People in college actually care about their grade a little more and are willing to do at least one thing on a group project as long as they know they don’t have to carry the team.  And there are some people who take charge of the project and take you along for the ride.  It’s a good way to review what you should have learned from the readings and lectures, and again collectively boots your grade.  Just be prepared for a lot of group messages the night before submitting.

4. Extra Credit Points

Finally, a class that offers extra credit!  Jk, most classes have a small amount of extra credit, but PSY 1001 gives a lot of extra credit.  Basically, the psychology department at the University of Minnesota wants guinea pigs to test things on, and they figure if they give you extra credit for participating, you will gladly tell them how things make you feel.  And they aren’t wrong.  The points earned from participating in studies does not bump your grade exponentially, but if you need a nudge to get to the next grade level, it may turn the tables in your favor.

Psychology is a very interesting class. It’s easy to see how human behavior works, and yet putting it into words is hard.   This scientific area of study is like no other, as it works in qualitative data rather than quantitative, and thus shows just how deep the human conscious is.



Emily Jacobson

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