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The University of Minnesota is a beautiful campus with so many different, unique places to study on campus. Here are five of the best places to set up, study and get some homework done in a peaceful and fun place around campus.

#1. Northrop

Northrop is one of the main buildings on campus. It is beautiful and quiet, which makes it the perfect place to go get some homework and studying done. There are many different spaces to find a nice spot to sit and it also has a great café to eat at while working. It is close to most classes which makes for a convenient place to stop and work before, between and even after classes. It is a beautiful building that offers quiet and comfortable study room.

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 #2. Coffman

Even though Coffman can be very busy, the chairs and couches on the main floor are extremely comfortable. Plus, there are also a ton of other places to study on three other levels. Surprisingly the game room is a nice place to relax and work. Not to mention food can be found all throughout the place. This is also right in the center of campus, so it is easy to go to between classes. It also is connected to the Gopher way, so it’s easy to avoid going outside when it is freezing outside.

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 #3. 17th Avenue

Not only is it the nicest dorm, it also has great study lounges. Sneak in with a friend and  find a quite lounge with a beautiful view. The temperature can be controlled too, so it can be set to the perfect comfort level. It’s a great place to get a lot done. The dining hall there is also one of the best on campus, so getting food before getting to work is very nice. Or even getting food and then studying in the dining hall is convenient. There are lots of rooms to find a somewhat quiet space.

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 #4. Tim Hortons

Why not study where donuts and great coffee for a decent price can be found? It is a cozy place in Dinky Town to get a nice place to sit and study with some great snacks. It is an easy place to sit at for hours and concentrate on getting work done. It is close to most apartments, so it’s a nice location for upperclassmen. It will also make for a great place to meet up with others for group work or even with friends to study and eat with.

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 #5. The Recreation and Wellness Center

Who would have thought the gym would be a nice place to study? Seriously. There actually is a lot of comfortable and quiet space in the front entrance. There is a café and a fireplace which makes for a cozy place to work, even maybe workout after for a quick and healthy break. It has plenty of comfortable space that makes for great individual or group work. Also with a little exploration, other quiet spots throughout the gym can be found.

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There are so many great places to study at that aren’t at a library around the University of Minnesota. All around campus and even in Stadium Village or Dinky Town, great places can be found. It just takes some exploring of simple buildings and restaurants to find new and comfortable places to get some work done.


Mary Larson

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