There are a ton of options when it comes to food on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. With a huge campus comes a great amount of food. Whether it be in buildings on campus, in Stadium Village or in Dinkytown, the options really are endless. Any kind of food can be found here.

1. Bar Luchador

This is one of the better Mexican food restaurants on campus. It is located in Stadium Village and is way better than any Chipotle or Qdoba (nothing against those two restaurants, cause they still are great). It is cheap, fun inside and has a great menu. The chips and guac are a definite favorite there. No matter what it ordered, it is going to be a wonderful and tasty meal.

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2. Annie’s Parlour

No matter what, no one can go wrong by going to Annie’s. Anyone who goes to or visits the U of M must go to Annie’s. The burgers, shakes and fries are absolutely amazing. It is a cute, little place located in Dinkytown. In the summer they have seating outside on the deck that over looks the city. Annie’s is probably everyones favorite.

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3. DP Dough 

Calzones are amazing as it is, but calzones at DP Dough are life changing. This place is open till 3 am which means it is accessible at all necessary hours. The calzone options are endless and great no matter what is ordered. They also have the best tater tots and a huge whiteboard inside that is always quite entertaining to either add to or even just read. They are located on University Ave closer to Dinky town.

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4. Punch Pizza

Punch Pizza is located in Stadium Village and has some of the best personal pizzas around. There are so many options and the pizza is cooked in a wood fire oven. It is in a cute little place where in the warmer months a garage door is open and it is like eating outside while being inside. Punch is the perfect date night or game day lunch break.

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5. Al’s Breakfast

Al’s is tiny and always crowded and busy, but only because of how great it is. The food is amazing and totally worth waiting for. It is in the tiniest space ever which makes the place so cool to go to. The service is wonderful and entertaining and it is a fun experience to eat there. It closes at 1PM during the week days, but on Fridays and Saturdays, it is open until 1AM which is an amazing time for breakfast food.

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The U of M has a lot of wonderful restaurant options that it is hard to go wrong with really any of them. There of course are just the top favorites that everyone who ever steps on campus needs to visit. Dinkytown and Stadium Village offer a wide range of options, it just takes some exploring.


Mary Larson

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