There are a few undeniable truths that you know if you’re a student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. You’ll be cold a lot of the time, and buses and tunnels will become second nature to you. You love your school more than anything. And you also relate to all of these experiences. Here are 10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To University of Minnesota!

1. The Campus Connector is both your best friend and your worst enemy.

Especially if you’ve ever had any reason to go to St. Paul (for example, living in Bailey freshman year like me) you know that the Campus Connector is a necessary evil. It takes you where you need to be, but it’s unreliable, and jam packed in the winter when you need it most.

2. You rarely, if ever, think about St. Paul.

Agriculture and sciences who spend time there are the few exceptions. I was randomly placed in Bailey my freshman year. It has its upsides and downsides and really isn’t that bad, but even I forget that St. Paul exists 80% of the time. Admit it, when was the last time you realistically went to or even thought about that far-off other world?

3. You’re still so enraged that they closed Espresso Expose and Bun Mi and Big 10 for some absurd giant apartment building.

Why would we ever choose another freaking apartment building over the glorious restaurants we had to give up?! I still mourn the loss of Bun Mi, my favorite restaurant anywhere, every day of my life. RIP.

4. You’re tired of the STSS name changes and controversy.

Why did they have to change it in the first place?? And now they’re trying to change it again? Done with all of this nonsense. #STSSforever

5. When you’re in the mood to really coast on life, you’ve been known to ride a Circulator one stop.

Yes, it’s a walkable distance. But I still don’t plan to walk it when it’s freezing cold, insanely hot, raining, or I’m just feeling extra lazy.

6. You’re always either drowning in Gopher Gold or dreaming of the days when you had a single dollar in your account.

Ah, the days of freshman year, when Gopher Gold seemed like an unlimited commodity guaranteed to last for four years. Cut to sophomore year when you realize that it’s all gone and food costs actual money now.

7. Ending up with a class on West Bank has you questioning every life decision.

For those of us rarely on West Bank, a random geology class held at Blegen Hall has you wondering what you ever did to deserve this.

8. You’ve probably bumped into Goldy at a very unexpected time and place. 

For me, this was freshman year. I lived in Bailey, over in St. Paul and was studying in my room one night when someone knocked on my door. I opened it to find a 6-foot tall Gopher and his bodyguard waiting to say hi and take a picture with me, If you’re a UMN student you definitely have the story of the time you ran into Goldy in [fill in the blank random place]. That guy is everywhere.

9. You knew which dining halls had the “best” and worst food, and could easily list them in order.

17th was undeniably the best, but some other dining halls proved themselves more worthy as well. Bailey, for example, was a wildcard choice for its superior ice cream (though the machine was always broken, trust me). Either way, you also knew that none of them were actually good.

10. You have a burning hatred for Iowa and Madison.

You’ve grown accustomed to “Who hates Iowa?” being chanted at any campus event. Seriously, any event. Doesn’t have to be an Iowa game, doesn’t even have to be a sporting event. Same goes for hating the Badgers. Even if you have no idea why, as a Minnesota student it is programmed in you to hate these schools, and you do so with all your heart.



Annie Burdick

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