As with any list of classes at University of Minnesota, this is strictly opinion. These were all my own experiences or recommended by fellow students. And no, they aren’t all PE courses. This is a list of interesting classes that will teach you something, but are also rumored to be quite easy for most students who take them. Looking for a couple of easier credits to lighten your course load? Look no further.

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1. PE 1048: Bowling

Not only is this class literally just spent bowling, but it will also help you be a more impressive date. Take them out to the bowling alley after a semester in this class, and you’ll definitely impress.

2. PSY 3666: Human Sexuality

This class covers a wide variety of interesting and relevant topics related to sexuality, including anatomy, hormones, cultural perspectives, and related social issues.

3. CSCL 1001: Introduction to Cultural Studies

This course broadly covers the topic of cultural studies, including examples from “visual arts, music, film, literature, myth, ritual, built environment.”

4. ESPM 2021: Environmental Sciences: Integrated Problem Solving

A team-focused approach to the science of our natural environment, examining real problems and looking for real solutions.

5. ID 3201: Career Planning

The ultimate course to help you learn about jobs, get a job, be good at a job, and not be too stressed, because the class is reportedly easy.

6. ABUS 3051: Career Skills in the Professional Environment

Another course designed to help you succeed in life, but that won’t keep you up all night studying.

7. ESCI 1005: Geology and Cinema

I can vouch for this one. While the subject material is not thrilling, and the tests are relatively hard, the class is a breeze. You spend a day of class every couple weeks just watching a movie on a huge projector. The movies are barely geology related. Not bad at all.

8. ENGW 1101: Introduction to Creative Writing

This is the most basic creative writing class, which covers fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, giving you a chance to try out all three. The lecture portion of the class features author guest speakers and the discussion section is mostly for writing and workshopping. It’s easy, and pretty fun if you like to write.

9. MUS 3400: University and Campus Bands

This is the non-audition version of college band. Meaning, less pressure, and all the fun of playing the instrument that you love in whatever setting works best.

10. ENGL 3023: Children’s Literature

The course description literally lists Red Riding Hood and Harry Potter as examples of course texts. I’m still bitter this class has never fit into my schedule.

11. JOUR 4251 – Psychology of Advertising 

JOUR 4251, the psychology of advertising, is an interesting class that has a lot interesting concepts. The class can be hard and confusing at times but listening and doing the work will go a long way when it comes to being prepared for the tests and projects. They might seem difficult, but with these five study tips, it is easy to earn a good grade. Be sure to also check out 5 study tips for JOUR 4251 at the University of Minnesota

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Annie Burdick

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