This is just a small sampling of the unique, fun, exciting and sometimes bizarre classes that the University of Minnesota has to offer. There is certainly something for everyone. Here are the top 10 Coolest Classes at the University of Minnesota.

1. ANSC 1701—Historical Influence of the Horse on Society

Still love horses and want to learn everything about them? There’s a class for that…
This class not only fulfills the Historical Perspectives requirement but will also allow you to take an in depth look at the relationship between Man and horse over time. 

2. ARTS 1505 – Papermaking

Always wanted to learn how to make paper? Why not?! This four-credit art elective will take a look at both Eastern and Western forms of making paper as well as allowing you studio time to make your own paper and delve into the sculptural possibilities of the art as well. 

3. ENGW 1103 – Poetry Writing (Intro)

Have a deep soul and want to express it? Write some poetry! In this class you will have the opportunity to read and interpret various famous and lesser-known poems, while focusing on your own creative ideas and completing poetry writing exercises to hone your new skills.

4. ENGL 3023 – Children’s Literature

Miss reading fairy tales and Harry Potter in school? Here’s the solution! This class looks at classic children’s tales such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, as well as more modern works such as Harry Potter. 3 credits of fascinating, fun learning. 

5. ARTS 1004 – Artistic Interpretation from Vintage Cinema

Fascinated by classic films and art? There’s a class for you! This intro level course is 3 credits and designed for non-art majors. It is for people who love the artistic side of classic film and want to discuss films and respond with a visual medium. No pressure whatsoever to have any art skill or experience. 

6. CSPH 4311 – Foundations of Hatha Yoga: Alignment & Movement Principles

Love yoga? Why not get credit for it? This is the first in a series of three classes, upon completion of which you are able to act as a certified yoga instructor. This class is for the yoga enthusiast, or anyone who wants to learn about the body movements and positioning behind yoga poses.

7. ESCI 1003 – Dinosaur Evolution, Ecology, and Extinction: Introduction to the Mesozoic World

Loved dinosaurs since you were a kid? Learn more and get science credits at the same time! This 3-credit intro class focuses on the history and science of dinosaurs, as well as their connection to other geological concepts.

8. DNCE 1301 – Tap Technique 1

Never allowed to take dance classes as a kid? Your parents can’t stop you from learning now! This is one of many dance classes offered by the department. Others include Ballet, Jazz, African, Swing, Modern, Hip Hop, Flamenco and more. All are one credit and have the potential to be continued to higher levels of mastery in further classes. This should be considered a bird course!

9. FSCN 2002 – Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives – Cooking on a Student’s Budget

Get credit to learn how to cook as a student? Okay! This class teaches all of the practical skills to cook like a student, skills that will remain useful long after graduation! The class focuses on meal preparation, menu design, measuring, kitchen safety and nutrition, among many other topics. If you love cooking, this should be considered an easy class at University of Minnesota.

10. PE 1205 – Scuba and Skin Diving

Dream of scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s your chance to prepare! This class is just how it sounds! Learn the concepts, skills and safety requirements of scuba diving right here at school! Rumor has it that this class fills up fast, but you can always attend the first day in case of late cancelations. The PE department also offers a ton of other great, fun options like Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Flag Football, Swimming, Bowling and more.




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