Sometimes finding a place to study on campus can be difficult. If you are anything like me when it comes to studying, you are looking for that one spot that makes you so focused. Here are some possible locations!

5. J.D. Williams Library

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The library is home to studying at Ole Miss. Since opening in 1951 as the first air conditioned building on the campus, the library has been serving students and Oxonians for decades. The library has been renovated numerous times in order to ensure that it is accommodating student study needs, which included the addition of the third level, a Starbucks, and multiple classrooms for group study sessions. However, the reason this is not number one is that the library may sometimes be TOO popular and it may be hard to find the perfect spot for you. This is a good thing, though; it shows that students actually use the library effectively.

4. Lamar Hall (Old Law Center)

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In January of 2011, the Robert C. Khayat Law Center opened leaving behind what is now Lamar Hall. Once the building became vacant, the university decided to completely renovate this building and use it for extra classroom space and office space to meet the needs of the growing student population. The building has auditorium-style and classic-style rooms up to the fourth floor, with the fifth floor being strictly office spaces. Lamar also houses the Writing Center, a GREAT place to study during the day and to get help on those papers that need an extra push. If you are looking to study before 5pm, however,  Lamar is not the place for you (unless you are in the writing center). Classes meet in this building all day until the evenings. Unless you are a late studier (like me), you will probably need somewhere to go throughout the day.

3. The Grove

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Those picnic tables in the Grove are not just for game days or eating. When the days are cool enough to withstand the outdoors, this is by far the most tranquilizing place to study on campus. Hearing the birds chirping, laughter ringing from nearby buildings, and even the occasional visit from a Grove squirrel is enough to focus on the assignment and get the job done. There are only two factors that prevent this from being the top place to study: not ideal at night or in the winter. The Oxford winter can be harsh, and you probably do not want frostbite while trying to study for a chemistry test (though that would be an awesome excuse). More importantly, it is not the ideal place to study at night with concerns to safety, even though Ole Miss is one of the safest campuses in the country. The addition of the lights in the Grove have helped tremendously; however, with our campus being an open campus, it is just a matter of concern.

2. The Honors College

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The Honors College is by far the best place to study if you want to feel the perks of being an honor student, especially during finals week. The recently renovated building is equipped with every student’s needs and more. They even have snacks! Unfortunately, this building does not have open access to “regular” students like you and me. BUT, get a friend in the program and come up with times that you all can study together; I am sure they would not mind letting you into Club Honors for an hour!


1. Weir Hall

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Weir Hall has to be one of the best places on campus. There is a tech savvy computer lounge that is equipped with everything you need, a couple of classrooms upstairs that are never used, and they have the cheapest printing on campus. The indoor and outdoor back patio is an added plus as well. The building is also in the perfect location, with Dodo’s Pizza serving us the delight taste of Artisan culture, Starbucks right around the corner in the library, and the Chick-Fil-A food truck right outside the door. The building also houses the IT department, where you can go if you are having personal computer problems.  Every school should have a building like Weir Hall.

I hope you take advantage of these tips when choosing a place to study. Hotty Toddy, Rebs!

Carl Tart

I am a heavily involved sophomore at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) pursuing a degree in integrated marketing communications (IMC).

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