It is true that most college students (especially freshman) tend to overpack when they are leaving for college. This can be a huge pain if you or your parents have to take a whole bunch of stuff back home because you packed too much. Now, most college rooms are not very big, so you only want the necessities for your stay at your dorm. If you miss something maybe your parents can ship it to you or you can go home and get it. Here are some things that I highly recommend you to bring:

1. Mini Fridge

My dorm happens to be a suite style that I share with three other girls. We all have our own rooms, there are two bathrooms and a little kitchen and living area. With our suite, we have a full-size fridge, which still isn’t huge. The fridge is always stocked up to the max between the four of us. I keep my mini fridge in my room to be stocked up on water and juices and to keep food that I do not want my roommates to eat. It really helps out a lot to have your own space. Also, it is nice whenever I need something I can reach over and get it and do not have to leave my room.

2. Small TVs

Since dorm rooms are so small, you have to make due with the space you have. Now you may not even bring a tv, but if you do bring a small one. Usually, your tv will sit on your dresser or desk. If you have bigger than maybe 30 inches it becomes a space issue. My TV is about 50 inches. Because of this, I cannot put any other thing on my dresser. Also, your dresser most likely will not be far from your bed so it is really only necessary to have a little TV.


3. Medicine

A lot of students tend to forget about packing medicine. They think that they will be okay and can just go to the store and get the medicine they need. Running to the store can be quite a hassle depending on where your college is located, and if you’re sick you probably don’t wanna go out too far to get it. It is very convenient to have medicine stocked up because you are going to need it at some point. I would say Pepto Bismil and some Tylenol are pretty important. Pepto is because the food at college is not that great and it is going to take a while for your stomach to get adjusted to all the junk food you are eating. Tylenol or whatever your preference is for when you stay up all night for a few days and have 8 am classes, you are going to get some headaches from that. Some other medicines that are good to have are some cold and flu medicines and cough drops. If you do not get a cold you are very lucky because viruses and colds spread fast. You can also help to not get sick by taking vitamins every day.

4. Printer

I am almost positive at a lot, if not all, colleges will make you pay to print out papers. You are going to be printing a lot throughout your college years. Asking friends or roommates to print out papers for you is not going to work. They will eventually get frustrated because they are paying for the ink and the paper. Unless you are helping them pay then I would stay away from this. I have been feeling so bad because I keep asking my roommate to print papers out for me because for whatever reason my printer is not working with my computer. Because of her letting me do this, I always let her copy my homework for the class we share together. Buy a printer!!


5. Decorations

Decorations may not be as important as the other items, but they are a really nice thing to have. Most dorm rooms are very bland and boring, and just overall are very ugly. It looks better when you have pictures and tapestries and calendars on your walls. Make sure you look at your school’s policy so you do not get in trouble for things you cannot have. Here, we are not allowed to put nails in the wall and we can not have twinkle or Christmas lights in our rooms. A lot of students will buy command hooks or strips, which are very helpful tools. Decorations make your room a lot more exciting to walk into.

How to Become Organized for College

6. Planner

In high school, most of the time they would give students their own planners but we often did not use them. Whether you use it on your phone or have a paper copy, make sure you use it. It is so important to write down homework assignments and important dates. Students think because it is so important that they will not forget about it, but they do. Always make sure to write it down and when you are done you can cross it off and do the same thing again the next day. There is also a plus for when you cross an assignment off you will feel a little more accomplished.

Gina Emricko

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