Having trouble studying for that big chemistry midterm? Don’t know exactly where to start? Well, these tips should help out! Here are three of the best ways to study for a chemistry exam:

1. Old Tests

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Sometimes professors get lazy and decide not to change their exams from the previous semester. Sometimes they will just change the order of the questions, or sometimes they will just shift the dynamic of the question and still cover the same concept. Just find you someone who has taken the same class under the same professor you are currently enrolled in, ask for their old exams, and review the format, not the answers to the questions. Use this as a measure to see how well you know the tested content. However, do not rely solely on this tip. Professors might feel energized and change the entire test.

2. Note Cards

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Note cards are really helpful. I like to play a matching game with them, writing the concept/problem on one colored note card, and the explanation/answer on another colored note card. You mix all of the cards up, spread them out on the floor, and get to matching! This is very great whenever you need to remember chemical names and structures, formulas and equations, or simple definitions.

3. Homework and Notes

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Reworking old homework is a very productive way to study for a chem test. As you are reworking the questions, write down the concept before completing the problem, refer to your notes, write down any important information you think you will need to answer this question, and then go back and complete the question. If you do this for each question, you are bound to know the material.

Chemistry is a subject that takes hard work (and great time management) in order to be successful. The different concepts discussed in class will confuse you if you do not know how to distinguish them from each other, especially when it comes to test time. Use these tips, and you will be A-ok. HOTTY TODDY!


Carl Tart

I am a heavily involved sophomore at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) pursuing a degree in integrated marketing communications (IMC).

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