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Health and Wellness Services at Ole Miss

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Bay Bledel
14 Dec 2018
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The University of Mississippi is a public research university located in Oxford, Mississippi. The university offers a variety of health and wellness resources to its student population of over 14,000 undergraduates. Among these are different resources related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness resources offered at the University of Mississippi that all of its current and prospective students should know about.

1. University of Mississippi Student Health Services

The University of Mississippi's Student Health Services seeks to promote the health and well-being of University of Mississippi students through education, prevention and care of acute medical conditions, through which it aims to enhance students' college experience. Students can expect to receive a variety of treatments and services here, such as acute care, allergy services, contraception, free HIV testing, immunizations, men's and women's health, mental health services, travel services, x-rays, and lab work.

An x-ray taken of a patient.

2. Counseling Center

The University of Mississippi Counseling Center seeks to promote mental health and mental health awareness, while diminishing any stigmas surrounding mental health treatment. Students can make an appointment in person; however, appointments are in high demand. Individual counseling and therapy, group counseling and therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, employee assistance, and outreach are all resources that are offered here. Students and faculty may seek help here.

A group attending group therapy.

3. Sexual Wellness

The University of Mississippi provides students with an array of sexual wellness services, including STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, contraception (both male and female condoms, emergency contraception, at-home pregnancy tests), and STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing. The University of Mississippi also promotes violence prevention, particularly sexual and relationship violence. Men's health and women's health services are also available, and women can schedule gynecological appointments, including pap smears.

A device used to test for pregnancy.

4.  Emergency/ After Hours Care

University of Mississippi students experiencing a life-threatening condition should call 9-1-1 or immediately go to the emergency department at Baptist Memorial Hospital- North Mississippi. For after-hours and urgent care, University of Mississippi students can visit the Urgent Care Clinic of Oxford or Oxford Urgent Care for assistance with their medical emergency or other urgent medical dilemma.

An ambulance used for emergency transportation.

5. Allergy Clinic

The Allergy Clinic at University of Mississippi Student Health Services will administer allergy medication under the direction of students' allergist or physician. Students can bring their medication directly to Student Health Services or have it mailed directly from their physician’s office to. A nominal fee is charged to students for administration. Students receiving allergy injections should plan to remain in the clinic for 20 minutes after receiving the injection. Student Health Services at the University of Mississippi is no longer able to continue providing allergy injections for students who do not observe this 20-minute requirement. Allergy testing is not available here; students must receive their first allergy injection in their own physician's office. Thus, it is important that students receive their allergy testing before heading off to school at the University of Mississippi, if this is a health concern that they have a history of.

Somebody receiving an allergy injection.


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