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Have you decided you want to major in Pre-Pharmacy? Then Ole Miss‘s Early Entry Program might just be your dream come true!

1. Admission to Pharmacy School

Most Pre-Pharmacy programs require you to take 2-4 years of undergraduate classes and THEN cross your fingers that you are a part of the 1/4 of students that get accepted into their professional program. At Ole Miss, once you are accepted into the Early Entry Program, you are guaranteed acceptance into The University of Mississippi‘s School of Pharmacy, only contingent on a GPA requirement and PCAT scores. HOW MUCH OF A RELIEF IS THAT???

 2. Bachelor Degree plus TWO MINORS

For those of you that have looked into being a Pre-Pharmacy major, you’ve probably noticed that very few schools offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences within their program. Many colleges will suggest that students major in general Biology or Chemistry, or simply don’t have the option for students to get a bachelor degree within their pharmacy program. Within the Early Entry Program at Ole Miss, not only are you on the path to earning a Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences, but a minor in Chemistry and Biology as well.


3. Free tutoring

One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the free tutoring. Yes, you read that correctly, FREE! (Every college students favorite word). These tutors are older students in the program that received an A in the course they are tutoring. Tutors are provided for the courses students find most difficult in the curriculum: biology and chemistry. And the best part, they come to the dorm building lounge!


4. Scholarships

Several students from each Early Entry class are given a scholarship of $1,000 from The School of Pharmacy, based on high school GPA and test scores. The Pharmacy school also loves to reward students that excel in their courses, so any student that earns a 3.5 or higher after their freshman year will earn a scholarship. The value of these increase each year that a student earns a 3.5 or above!



It would be so difficult going through first semester without the pharmacy family – phamily. The School of Pharmacy truly does focus on making everyone feel comfortable and immediately involved with their peers. They offer a specific Living Learning Community dorm option for students exclusively in the Early Entry Program, which is extremely helpful when it comes to studying and working on assignments, as well as allowing one to become very close with other Early Entry students. The School of Pharmacy also plans social activities: Pharmacy formal, Halloween party, game nights, and holiday parties. All of these activities are great opportunities to meet more people and make many memories. Lastly, as an Early Entry student, you are provided with another counselor and mentors who will become your parents away from home. These peers and mentors will quickly become your phamily, being the support system you truly need!


Deciding to apply for the Early Entry Program is one of the best decisions an aspiring pharmacist can make. Despite the tough course schedule, long nights of studying, and the multiple panic attacks over grades, the experiences you’ll have will be worth it. You will make some of the best memories, develop lifelong friendships, and learn more information you can even begin to imagine. For anyone considering majoring in Pre-Pharmacy,  definitely look more into the Early Entry Program at Ole Miss. You won’t regret it!



Izzabella Christian

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