Health and Wellness at University of Missouri - Columbia

Every educational institute should always consider having a healthy lifestyle for their students and school staff as much as possible. This will foster a good camaraderie between them and will also promote good study habits, and it also helps the students in their general well-being.

University of Missouri – Columbia, affectionately nicknamed as “Mizzou” (pronounced as muh-ZOO), offers health and wellness services. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. MU Student Health Center

The MU Student Health Center encourages students to practice healthy well-being by participating in their comprehensive wellness services such as medical and behavioral health services conducted by their certified medical and behavioral practitioners.

They assist students with medical conditions and offers counseling to those in need of comfort in battling situations like stress management, drugs and alcohol abuse, and gender identity for those belonging to the LGBT sector and a lot more. They also have special programs that students can engage in like yoga and meditation classes to combat stress.

The school’s medical facility gathering around

2. MU Health Care

From a simple consultation process to complex ones, physicians from MU Health Care work together to provide a comprehensive care program for all patients. They provide world-class treatment services, and they are the only hospital in the state that has an expertise in cancer care. Their mission is to be Missouri’s premier academic health system, and it seems that they’re living up to that standard.

MU Health Care has a centralized Electronic Medical Record or EMR, which makes it easier for patients to access their health information and progress wherever they are. Patients can access their tests and health information via the site or the app 24/7. You can also reach them at their hotline number, 573-882-4141, for more details.

Two doctors aiding an elderly woman

3. Mizzou Counseling Center

MU Counselling Center provides students unbiased mental health services which help them overcome all the challenges they are facing as a student and as an individual. Backed up by certified mental health professionals, every student’s concern is treated with respect and sensitivity.

You can find their center at 119 Parker Hall and you can reach them at their phone number, 573-882-6601, Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. They also have crisis services available 24 hours a day. Just come to their office at the Parker Hall or contact their number to avail of different kinds of crisis assistance.

MU’s banner being raised in the middle of the posts outside of the school

4. Mizzou Urgent Care Centers

If you needed immediate care right away even if your condition is not life-threatening such as sprains, gastric disorders, fever, flu, or burns, Mizzou’s Urgent Care Clinic can take care of your needs. They offer expert care for all ages. You can visit their center at 551 E. Southampton Dr. or call 573-882-1662. If you’re in a life-threatening situation, call 911 for emergency care.

The outer view of the MU’s Urgent Care Unit

5. Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Center

The university also has a dedicated center for students and other individuals who are suffering from a relationship or sexual violence. Home of Green Dot Mizzou, RSVP Center is committed to help decrease and eventually eliminate cases of rape and all forms of violence that would ruin an individual’s life perspective.

No matter what Mizzou students and the staff are experiencing, the university makes it a point to always have health and wellness services to cater to each and everyone’s needs.

People gathering in the RSVP room

April Ann Quiñones

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