We’ve all been there…It’s the time to leave for class and you’d rather do anything but go. Well, here are some validated reasons to skip a class here-and-there without feeling bad about it!

To Hangout in Speakers Circle

If you go to Mizzou, you know what speakers circle is. You also know that there is always a bunch of different booths up in Speakers Circle, giving out free food and gadgets, and sometimes there are games set up as well. All too tempting to skip class for.

To Workout at the Rec

Having one of the top-rated student recreation centers in the country makes working out fun. The steam room, sauna, tiger grotto, endless workout classes, all lure us in.

To Study at Memorial

Memorial is a prime place to study thanks to the comfortable couches and Starbucks pop-up shop available. When you’re in the study-groove it can be difficult to leave to go to boring lecture.

Because Class is Boring

When a particular class is boring, and easily-skip-able, treat yourself and skip it when you can. You can always get notes from another classmate or look at the lecture notes if posted online.

Because It’s Cold Outside

We all know how hard it is to get out of our cozy beds to go to class. But this is especially difficult when it is cold and cloudy outside. Sometimes it’s best to stay in bed and do the class notes from there (if possible).

To Have Fun and Relax!

School can be very stressful. For this reason, it is important to take a break from the seriousness and stress of school to do something for yourself that makes you happy. Whether this means spending time with friends or just to yourself, some down time is necessary often!

To Study at The Quad

On a sunny, warm day, there’s no better place to get work done than on a blanket, listening to music, and studying on the grass surrounding the beautiful Jesse Hall and the Columns.


Friday After Class, or FAC, is a great reason to skip your Friday classes here-and-there, especially when the weather is nice, and the roof-top bars are open. Being outside, in the sun, and with friends is all better than class.

Because You Have an Exam

We’ve all been there. We have an exam in one class that we haven’t studied enough for which causes us to skip another class in order to study more. Definitely a win-loss situation, but we do what we’ve got to do!

To Sleep

College students don’t sleep as much as needed. Sometimes our bed is too tempting, and sleep is too necessary, than to go to class. Make sure to always put your mental and physical health first!

Don’t take college, or life, so seriously that it is no longer enjoyable. Don’t forget to take breaks, relax, have fun, and take care of yourself!

Madeline Eleanor

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