Before choosing your next semester classes, read this article to help you decide which classes to and not-to take.

1.  Chem 1100

Let’s be honest, chemistry is (almost) always a drag of a class. Chemistry is a complicated subject, and this makes it very unenjoyable for many students. To add to the problem, this class has a very boring lab and a boring (and incredibly large) lecture. It’s nearly impossible to build a relationship with the professor in such a large class.


2. Art Appreciation 1020

Take this class and you’ll end the semester not having taken away anything valuable. Unless you are an art-enthusiast, this class is not an interesting  to spend your time on.


3. Economics 1014

Econ is a difficult subject. The Econ professors seem to make the subject more difficult than need be. Unless you’re required to take Econ, you should spend your time and money on another, less mind-draining course.


4. Algebra 1300

This course again?! You may think it will be an easy A, but you must think about if it is worth your time and money. We all had to take algebra in high school, so skip the college version of it and learn something new!

5. HES 1000

This course is 1 credit hour only. In addition, it is incredibly boring. The professor isn’t enthusiastic. The material covered is not useful for future applications.


Now… The Best Classes:

1. TAM 2200

If you need to fulfil a science/lab requirement, TAM 220o is an easy science/lab course in which the labs are all take-home.


2. Nutrition 1034

Nutrition is a very important, applicable, and interesting subject. Everyone should take the time to learn more about health and ways to improve theirs. Also, the teacher for 1034 is super enthusiastic and kind.


3. Stats 1200

If you like math, statistics 1200 won’t be brutally-challenging, but an easy-challenge that will make you more intelligent without “frying” your brain. Also, the teacher is awesome. The course is applicable and beneficial students of all majors.


3. TAM 2500

If you need to fulfill a writing intensive credit, this class is a great option. Although challenging, the class makes you a better writer. Luckily, the topics are interesting and therefore easy to write about.


4. Global Consumers 2400

This class is very interesting, useful, and (can) make you more cultured and knowledgeable. The class focuses on the consumer behaviors and mental attributes of cultures around the world. The information is applicable and beneficial to majors that would like to study or work abroad.


Many students focus on taking the “easy” classes just so they can get an A. However, what is actually important is to spend your time and money learning information that will be useful for you both short and long term. So, take meaningful classes!

Madeline Eleanor

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