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At the University of Missouri, there are endless opportunities for students to travel, study, or intern abroad. Each of the many different schools and programs within the University offer their own and unique experiences abroad. The process is an easy one, and can be done with the help of your advisor and an easy application. Ask your advisor for your program’s specific study abroad opportunities and start packing your bags!

1. To Become More Cultured

To emerge yourself into a foreign culture, to eat their foods, speak their language, and to learn their way of life, will broaden your cultural knowledge. It’s time to leave your own, “normal,” way of life and diversify yourself.

2. To See the World

Once abroad, it is cheaper and faster to travel to neighboring countries than would be if you were in the States.  While studying abroad, you will see new landscapes, museums, landmarks, and wonders of your country and the countries around you.

3. To Learn about Yourself and Grow

Living abroad by yourself is a life changing experience. The best (and perhaps only) time to study abroad is during your college years, because you don’t have a job or any commitments to keep you home.  You’re young and should take the time to be selfish and travel.

4. To Make Lifelong Friends

While studying abroad, you will meet students from your host country. You will make friendships that will forever stay in your heart. Also, having connections abroad will benefit you when travelling to your host country again in the future.

5. To “Escape” Your Life (temporarily)

Ditch the norms of college life and be adventurous! See new sights, eat new foods, hear new music, meet new friends, learn a new language, and participate in a completely new way of life. Life can get too routine and basic at times. So, make life interesting and get traveling!

You’re in college, with no serious job, children of your own, or any major commitments that would prevent you from taking some time to yourself, to explore and grow. Studying abroad will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss your chance.




Madeline Eleanor

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