If you plan on attending the University of Missouri or even if you are already go there, you might be forgetting to pack some pretty important stuff. Here is a list of things you definitely need to bring to Mizzou!

1. Good Pair of Walking Shoes

The University of Missouri’s campus is over 31 square miles, so it is really big. This means it is going to be a good 10 to 15 minute walk between your classes. So if you’re coming to the University of Missouri, bring a pair of tennis shoes and get ready to walk.

2. Winter Coat

While we don’t usually get much snow at the University of Missouri, we do get bone chilling temperatures. It could be 17 degrees outside but with the wind it might as well be -17 degrees. So if you’re headed here make sure to bring a coat!

3. Wind Breaker

While the cold is hard enough to bare, the wind is even worse. Missouri is very flat so there is nothing to stop the wind from blowing you right off the sidewalk. When you are packing your bags to move to Mizzou make sure you bring something to help shield you from the wind.

4. Ropes

The University of Missouri is surrounded by a lot of cool hiking trails, and where there is hiking trails there is often small cliffs to climb. Go to the Rec and take advantage of the rock climbing wall so you can get some practice before you try it for real. And hey, maybe you’ll get so good you can even climb to the top of Jesse (I am kidding please don’t do that).

5. Headphones

You are going to need something to entertain you on your long walks across campus. Also, having some headphones handy might keep the people in Speaker’s Circle from yelling at you as you walk through.

6. An Open Mind

Mizzou has an extremely diverse campus, with students from all 50 states and 120 countries, you are bound to meet someone that is totally different than you. Make sure you keep an open mind on campus because you never know who you will meet.

7. Picnic Blanket/Hammock

The University of Missouri doubles as a botanical garden, so there are some beautiful places on campus. When you get the chance on a nice day lay out a blanket or set up a hammock between some trees and just enjoy the outdoors.

8. Portable Fan

Missouri has extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum, summer and winter. It is in your best interest to invest in one of those fans that plugs into your phone charger. Even though you might get some weird looks walking across campus, staying cool will be worth it.

9. Workout Clothes

Mizzou’s rec center is ranked one of the best in the country, so make sure you use it! Bring some workout clothes and even if working out isn’t your thing the rec has a pool, lazy river, rock climbing walls, and even a sauna and steam room.

10. Black and Gold Attire

If you plan on coming to Mizzou, you MUST have something black or gold. Certain football games have themes like black out or gold rush, and you wouldn’t want to be the only person there who wasn’t dressed the part.

11. School Spirit

Mizzou is big on traditions, being involved, and most importantly, loving Mizzou! Make sure if you plan to attend the University of Missouri you aren’t afraid to paint your body black and gold, wear tiger ears, or yell “I love Mizzou”!


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