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The University of Missouri has residence halls all over the campus, some are basically 5 star hotels, some are in desperate need of a renovation, and some no one ever really hears about. Keep reading for a list of Mizzou residence halls from worst to best!

1. Hatch/ Schurz Hall

Hatch and Schurz Halls are basically the exact same residence halls right next to each other. Not only are they in desperate need of a remodel but they are in a good twenty-minute walk from the quad and over the bridge. Hatch and Schurz are at the bottom of the list for their location and oftentimes their smell.

2. College Avenue

College Ave. is in the same location as Hatch and Schurz, the only reason that it is not as bad is because it is newer. The stairwells are enclosed in glass which makes it look fancy and the lounge areas are open and inviting.

3. Mark Twain

Mark Twain is low on the list based off its location, it is on the other end of campus close enough to the quad but far away enough from everything else that the people who live there still have the right to complain. The upside to Mark Twain is that it has a dining hall inside the residence hall and it is suite style.

4. Respect/Responsibility/Excellence/Discovery

While these dorms are nicer than most they are located near the bridge near the end of campus, which isn’t ideal. The upside though is they do have bigger rooms than normal and are only a short walk to Plaza and Rollins.

5. Hudson and Gillett

Hudson and Gillet are in a prime location for dining halls, with Rollins right in the middle and Plaza around the corner if you live in Hudson or Gillet you won’t have to walk far for food, unless you want Dobbs. It is close enough to the rec, the student center, and center of campus that there isn’t much to complain about.

6. Johnston

If you are looking for bigger bedrooms, a central location, and only living with girls, then Johnston is for you! Johnston is located right across the street from the student center and the rec, and Sabai is located right inside! That’s what makes Johnston one of the best residence halls on campus.

7. Dogwood/ Hawthorn/ Galena

These three residence halls, otherwise known as HawLeWood, are the best place to live on the University of Missouri Campus. These residence halls have single, double, and four person rooms and are newly renovated. They are located in the best place on campus, just steps away from the rec, stankowski field, the student center, and equal walking distance between Dobbs and Plaza dining halls. HawLeWood is without a doubt the best!

Above is a list of some of the residence halls at the University of Missouri from the worst to the best, not all the residence halls are listed because some of them no one really has an opinion on. But the most notable ones are ranked based on location, renovation dates, and the word around campus.


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