The University of Missouri has something to offer everyone, regardless of their different backgrounds or interests. If you are considering going to college, here are 10 reasons why you should attend the University of Missouri!

1. The Campus

The University of Missouri’s campus is breathtaking in all seasons. The columns in the quad, Jesse behind, and with Memorial Union looking like a castle straight from a fairytale, the University of Missouri easily has some of the most amazing buildings. Plus the campus doubles as a botanical garden, so in the Spring and Fall there are beautiful flowers everywhere you go.

2. The People

The students who attend the University of Missouri come from across the world and all different backgrounds. Everyone has something different to bring to the University, and you can learn so much from them. Since everyone is in the same boat as a college student, everyone is very understanding and willing to help their fellow tigers.

3. The Academics

The University of Missouri has the world’s first journalism school, and oftentimes referred to as one of the best. The University also has a top notch engineering program. But whether you are wanting to become a journalist, and engineer, a nurse, or even an artist, the University of Missouri has great programs just for you.

4. The Clubs

Colleges can feel very big at time and that could make it seem hard to find out where you fit in. But at the University of Missouri there are more than 600 clubs you could join, so needless to say there is something for everyone. If you like to drink coffee, there is a club for you! Like to play the trombone? There is a club for that! Anything you’re interested in doing, there is a club you can join. 

5. Downtown Columbia

Downtown CoMo has everything you could want in a college town. Bars? Check.

Restaurants? Check. Thrift Stores? Check. Amazing night life? Check.

6. Homecoming

The University of Missouri invented homecoming, that’s right Mizzou invented the whole celebration of homecoming! At the University of Missouri homecoming is an entire month long, with different activities planned almost every night. Homecoming ends with a giant parade that marches through campus and of course the homecoming game. So if you are really big into school spirit or just having a good time, Mizzou is the place for you!

7. The Recreation Center

Even if working out really isn’t your thing, Mizzou’s rec still has something to offer to you. It has a rock climbing wall, a lazy river, hot tub, waterfall, multiple work out rooms, and massages. So, if you are thinking about coming to the University of Missouri, the rec center is definitely a good selling point.

8. The Traditions

The University of Missouri has a lot of traditions, and most of those traditions end in the students getting some sort of free food or souvenir. Whether it’s the midnight barbeque (which is just a lot of dancing and food) or the tiger run (which ends with tiger stripe ice cream), the University of Missouri’s traditions are something everyone should want to  be a part of.

9. The Resources

If you need anything while at the University of Missouri, it has got you covered. The University of Missouri’s Career Center has free tutoring, resume help, mock interviews, and offers help to those looking to study abroad. The library offers study rooms, mandatory quiet areas, databases, and will have any book you can’t find in their collection shipped to you. The University of Missouri also offers a wide range of counseling and medical help as well.

10. It is Simply the Best

The University of Missouri does it best to make all of its students feel at home. The university is safe, diverse, and very welcoming. It truly is a home away from home.

The University of Missouri is a great place to go to college and an even better place to make your temporary home. If you are considering the University of Missouri, you should definitely attend and become a tiger with the rest of us.

Aly Haag

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