Whether you’re in your first year still trying to find your way around or you’re just about to start attending Mizzou, this is a list of things that WILL happen to you here!

1. Having to hear people from St. Louis talk about how awesome St. Louis is

We get it, St. Louis has really big arch and a lot of museums, that’s cool, now shut up!

2. Go to the Big Tree

The big tree is exactly what it sounds like, it’s just a big ole’ tree. But somehow it is such a cool place to go and it makes for really neat pictures.

3. Eat at Shakespeare’s

It is the best and busiest pizza place in town. Not only is the pizza delicious, but the atmosphere at Shakespeare’s just adds to the Mizzou college experience.

4. Get yelled at in Speaker’s Circle

It will happen to you, and chances are it will happen sooner rather than later. One day you’ll be walking to class, think it’s a good idea to cut through Speaker’s Circle, and before you know it you’ve be screamed at and handed more papers than you thought possible.

5. Go to a football game, but leave halfway through

Even though Mizzou is now in the SEC, we still aren’t awesome. But you’ll go to a game anyway, hopefully get some free food from tailgating parents on the way, then once you’ve given your support you’ll head out and probably order some food on the way home.

6. Get rained on in the morning, and it be sunny in the afternoon

There is some of the craziest weather at the University of Missouri. One day its 45 degrees and raining the next its 75 and sunny. So, while you are here it will be raining on you as you’re walking to you’re 9am but by the time you go to your 11am it is sunny and you are completely overdressed.

7. Live in a dorm you can’t wait to get out of

Your freshman year at Mizzou you are required to live in a dorm and at first it is all fun and games but then someone gets drunk and pukes in the water fountain, then you know it’s time to get out. With all of the off campus housing options there are, I’m sure you’ll have a lease signed by November for a place you’ll move into next August.

8. Go to El Rancho at 1am

You might be at your apartment or you might be downtown, but either way it is 1am and there is only one place that can cure your cravings. El Rancho, the best Mexican food after midnight.

9. Go to the sand volleyball courts once

The sand volleyball courts look fun and they even seem fun at first, but once you’re done with your first game your goal of becoming really good at volleyball during college slips away and is replaced with bruises and burns.

10. Have your picture taken in front of the columns

If anything this is the one thing that will DEFINETLY happen to you while you’re at Mizzou. The columns are beautiful and every parent, relative, and friend from back home, wants a picture of you standing right in front of them.


Aly Haag

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