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Start your packing early, because the longer the wait, the more you’ll end up forgetting. Get those bags ready, and get excited to start your first of four amazing years at the ZOU!!!

1. Costumes

At Mizzou, we like our themed-parties. So, bring any old costumes you have -OH, and jerseys- to save you money and a trip to the costume store!

2. Decorations

I didn’t know dorms could be so done-up until I came to Mizzou. Bring many decorations to make your dorm more fun and to feel more at home!

3. Vacuum

I brought a smaller, hand-held vacuum, which I ended up using almost every day. The dorms get insanely dirty and dusty, and quickly! Having a small vacuum won’t take up space in your already-small-dorm, but will make sure it is always clean!

4. Filtered Water Pitcher

Most likely, you will not be close to the hall’s water fountain. If you’re like me, you finish your water bottle fast, and going back and forth to the water fountain to fill up one water bottle becomes a hassle. So, I recommend buying a big pitcher so you can cut down those water fountain trips.

5. Water Bottle

Everyone on campus carries around a water bottle. Some days, you’ll be very busy and out all day. Buying water not only racks up those dollars, but is bad for the environment. So, buy yourself a good water bottle and bring it with you to school!

6. Food

Whether you are tired from a long day, or just tired of dining hall food, there will be days where you just want to eat in your dorm. So, bring food!! Also, bring packable snacks for those long days so you can snack between classes.

7. Eating Utensils

Bring plates, bowls, and a few pieces of silverware. You WILL use these, and it is good to have them available. Try to refrain from buying paper and plastic utensils, as they’re bad for the environment and you will go through them quickly.

8. The Random Cleaning Supplies

Everyone forgets the following: Dish detergent -to clean your dishes- and a duster! As I said before, the dorms get very dusty, so having a small, hand-held duster will come in handy more than you think.

9. Health Insurance Card

You will be sick a few times during your first year at college, and therefore will make quite a few trips to the student health center or a doctor’s office. You will be asked for your health insurance card, so make sure you have it on you!

10. Extension Cords

Your dorm will be packed with desks, beds, and of course, all your belongings! You won’t know how many outlets you’ll have (or how many will work), so to make things easier on yourself, bring an extension cord. I did and it was a life saver.

See you before you know it, TIGERS!!!


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