1. To meet people from across the country and to experience the culture differences.

2. Game days

Our tailgates, or “dartys” are the best. Make sure to fill your closet with black and gold.

3. Sunny days on the quad.

Missouri gets hot, and nothing is better than laying on a blanket and relaxing with friends on the quad.

4. Downtown

Columbia’s downtown is full of boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. When you want a break from campus, downtown is the perfect place to explore.

5. Syllabus week

Syllabus week doesn’t just mean the first week of classes, it means party time at Mizzou! So, don’t dread syllabus week, because chances are that you’ll have a fun week.

6. The pool after class.

The outdoor pool and the rec is the perfect motivation to get through class on those sunny, hot Columbia days. Pack your suit in you backpack!

7. To live on your own.

No more parents! You finally get your independence. However, don’t take advantage and lose it!! Have fun, but take care of yourself.

8. Meet your best friends and to always be surrounded by them.

You are always surrounded by your friends, and hanging out with them is easier than ever. You all live so close together, and will do everything together from studying to working out at the rec together.

9. Over 600 clubs to choose from.

Mizzou provides countless ways for students to get involved within the school, and to feel a part of something. Yes, over 600 clubs, so try something new out! You never know who you’ll meet.

10. Starting your first college semester. You’ll feel very accomplished and proud of yourself afterwards.

Finishing the semester will be an amazing feeling. That is, if you have worked hard; So, don’t slack off or fall behind!


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