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There’s no exact science for makes a class tough. It’s all subjective, to a point – what’s a breeze for one student might be painful for another. But what we do know is that fighting through a semester with a truly difficult class is a rite of passage in college. Here are 9 of the Hardest Classes at UMSL!

1. Psych 2201 – Psychological Statistics

Due to tough teachers or heavy workload, anyone who has taken and survived psych stats at umsl is a hero. Umsl offers three stat classes, business, criminology and psychology. Being a research 1 institution it’s no wonder why this class is so demanding

2. Psych 2219 – Research Methods

Hailing again from the psych department,number two on our list is the ever so dreaded class after stats, research methods. Which is basically putting English to statistics, as if that wasn’t hard enough. Conceptualizing and asking students to write “scientifically” may be a pain to some students,but passing this class is not only a requirement for the degree, but can open some major opportunities for you.


3. Crimin 2250 – Court

Timing, timing, and again timing. Many students feel that professors should give reading assignments that’ll aid in focusing in topics within intensive subjects ahead of time so they’ll be more prepared for tests. Us college students crave guidance! If there’s going to be a test, that’s fine, we just like to know what we’ll be tested over.

4. Econ 1001 – Principles of Microeconomics

It seems like a lot of students simply find economics a combination of extremely challenging and extremely boring. Boring makes a lot of people zone out, and you have to focus to understand challenging concepts, which is a lethal combination for a GPA. Many students feel that sometimes the material can be lost over their head. Out of 15 people in the class, only about 4-5 passed at the end of the year.

5. Engl 3100 – Junior Level Writing

If you’re not a strong or particularly fast reader, readings can pile up quickly. Reading the material isn’t the only requirement, either. Students must comprehend large quantities of material (often in old English) and apply it by writing lengthy essays and on dreaded essay exams. While many may find these courses a snap, the majority of STEM majors avoid them like the plague.

6. Math 1030 – College Algebra

A freshman college algebra class – how hard could it be? If you ask anyone who’s taken Math 55 at UMSL, they will tell you: as hard as it gets. Don’t expect to have much of a social life if you’re in this class. The material itself is dealt with at a high level of abstraction and generality. Some of the problems are actually major theorems that took mathematicians a while to discover.

7. Soc 1010 – Intro to Sociology

It may seem counterintuitive that an introductory course could be that difficult, but Intro to sociology at UMSL will prove you wrong. This class covers topics including “the relationship of mind and body,” “the foundations and limits of human knowledge” and “the nature and structure of morality,” and it does so with heaps of reading and memorization.

8. Math 1105 – Choice and Chances

Take the class, they said. it’ll be fun they said. College students around UMSL can relate when I say Choices and chances is one of the hardest classes to get a grip on. It’s basically logic 101, and will give a whole new meaning to

9. Crimin 4390 – Seminar in Criminology and criminal justice

Two words. Extremely intensive. You think just because you’re a senior and this is one of your last classes it’ll be easy? Uh yeah, think again. Seniors preparing to take this class should keep in mind that its intensive, the work can be time consuming, and there are weekly assignments to be aware of. Abide by these rules or else your grade will drop drastically.


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