With more the 150 majors to choose from at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the selection of classes is endless. And although some seem like a quick intro class or an easy fill for an undergrad requirement, beware. Several of those so-called easy breezy classes have dragged your fellow classmates down under. Here are 10 of the hardest classes at UNL:

1. Finance 361

This class would have been fine in itself had the professor known what he was doing, or even knew basic math. Students were repeatedly told that the answer they got may have been right, but the professor was never sure because he forgot his calculator and wasn’t really good at math anyways….

2. NUTR 486: Exercise Testing

Students described this class as “basically a full time job. Barely anyone got above a B on exams, and the lab required 6, 40+ page papers, complete with statistical analysis, interpretation, and supporting research.” YIKES!

3. BIOS 214: Anatomy

Everyone knows the dread of a 3hr lab along with a lecture. Now how about 2 labs per week on top of the class lecture. Not to mention, anything spoken or written down anywhere was fair game. You had to memorize everything. You think you have a good memory because you know the Preamble by heart? Think again!  

4. Soil 153

“Why was this one of your hardest classes?”

“Because attendance was mandatory”


5. WMNS 315B: Women in Popular Culture

It never should have been this hard. The homework load was absurd and the test questions were oddly specific when the only thing we talked about in class was Beyoncé.

 6. CSCE 428: Automata, Computation, and Formal Language

With a class title like this, I would just slowly walk away.

“It was an abstract class. I was supposed to understand things that don’t actually exist.”

7. RAIK301/302H, RAIK401/402H: Design Studio

This is for the senior capstone project which takes 2 years to complete. You are required to work 12 hours per week of logged time on the project. No thank you!  

8. Finance 367: Fixed Income Investments

In one semester, this class covers 25 chapters……there aren’t even 25 weeks in the semester! Students complained that it was hard enough to understand and on top of that you had to work your butt off to keep up.  

 9. Math 208: Calc III

“It was like Calc I….only all in 3D”

10. HIST 368: History of Terrorism

First of all, what a depressing class.

Secondly, the class provides a great workout due to the weight of reading and papers due each week. Well, a good workout for those who make it out still standing.



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