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The Best and Worst Things About Having a Freshman Year Roommate at UNL

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Whether you’re taking on freshman year with a close friend from high school or living with a completely random stranger, having a roommate for the first time is an adventure. There are moments when having a roommate makes everything better, and unfortunately, there are downsides with sharing a dorm as well. Just try your best to get along.


1. You Never Get Lonely

No longer will you experience small panic attacks when you hear a mysterious noise, because you’ll have a person there to investigate with you! With a roommate, you’ll always have someone to keep you company. The hours you spend in your dorm room relaxing will be a little more exciting. It’s basically a slumber party every night of the week.

2. You Have a Second Wardrobe

Everyone has those moments when they scour their closet looking for that perfect Friday night outfit, and literally cannot find anything to wear. Having a roommate that lets you borrow clothes grants you a second wardrobe! Although this is a small benefit, it makes a huge difference. When it comes to choosing an outfit, the struggle is too real.

3. You Can Share Food

Need someone to binge eat ice cream with you? Done! Want to split a pizza late at night? Look no further! Whenever you want to order some takeout, your roommate will always be there to split the calories. And, most importantly, split the bill.

4. You Have a Gym Buddy

Going to the gym at college is hard enough. Walking past all of the 300-pound jocks can be quite intimidating, but having a gym buddy makes it all more bearable. With a roommate, you have someone who will motivate you to actually get off of the couch and get your butt to the gym. Hopefully you two can avoid the Freshman 15 together.

5. You Have Someone to Get Ready With

Getting ready for a night out can be a tedious job. Your makeup, hairstyle, and outfit have to be just right, and (if you’re a potato like me) it can take hours. Getting ready with a roommate, however, is a blast. There is nothing like jamming out to the High School Musical soundtrack and helping with each other’s eyeshadow to get you in the party mood.

6. You Have Someone Who Can Take Care of You

We all have nights where we lose track of how much we are drinking and ultimately end up slumped over the toilet. Luckily, when you have a roommate, there will always be someone to hold your hair back. Your roommate doubles as your second mom, and assures that you’ll get home safely at the end of a night, no matter how crazy.

7. You Have Someone To Vent To

One of the best parts about having a roommate is always having a person to vent to. They know all of your secrets and you know all of theirs, and you trust them with everything. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had late-night deep discussions with my roommate until 3 am. Your roommate is essentially your personal therapist.

8. You Can Share the Workload

Everybody hates doing chores; it’s a fact. Luckily, having a roommate allows you to split the workload. Now you’ll only have to take out the trash every other week. Unless you’re like me and my roommate, in which case you’ll be living in a dumpster.


1. You Won’t Have Privacy

Every time you’re in your room, your roommate will probably be there. That means your valued alone time will be compromised. Although you don’t have to be best friends with your roommate, you do have to share your space every day and sleep next to them every night.

2. You Have Different Sleeping Schedules

There is nothing worse than being woken up by your roommate’s 7 am alarm when all you want to do is sleep in. If your roommate’s class schedule is drastically different than yours, you may be in for some rough mornings.

3. You Become Annoyed With Small Habits

When you spend time with anyone long enough, you can start to get annoyed by their small quirks and habits. They might snore, chew too loudly, or breathe heavily, but once you realize what bothers you, it will be hard to ignore their bad habits. And believe me, everyone has them.

4. They Invite Other Friends Over

You’re not required to be BFFs with your roommate, and chances are they will make some new friends on their own. It can be extremely awkward for you when you want to have a chill night in and they bring their drunk noisy friends into your room. Not cool.

5. You Have To Agree Upon Overnight Guests

There will be nights when all you want to do is sleep, and your roommate will bring home someone from the bar for a one night stand. This can be extremely awkward and annoying, especially if the overnight guest is unplanned, so be sure to talk openly about your hookups and let your roommate know if you have a guest over. Sometimes, the old sock on the doorknob signal is the way to go.

6. It Will Be Hard to Concentrate on Studying

When you live with another person, it can be difficult to concentrate on studying. There have been countless times when my roommate has convinced me to watch the newest Bachelor episode instead of writing my papers. Oops.

7. Your Stuff Can Get Taken

We all want to think that our roommate is going to be honest and respectful, but sometimes that’s not the case. It could be something small, like eating one of your granola bars. Or, it could be something bigger, like taking money from your wallet. Hopefully you’ll be able to trust them.

8. You Won’t Know How to Live Without Them

By far the worst thing about having a roommate is leaving them at the end of the year. You two will become so close and share so many memories, and it can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to them for the summer. No matter how many fights you have, at the end of the day you’ll always have their back.

Maybe you and your roommate will fight constantly. Or, maybe by the end of the year, you two will be inseparable. Embrace all of the ups and downs of living with a roommate, because ultimately, your living situation is only temporary.


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