University of New Brunswick - Saint John

The University of New Brunswick – Saint John is an all-encompassing school. But they have a lot to offer at Saint John in particular. Tops among these are the exceptional dorms listed below:

1. Dunn Residence

Dunn Residence.

Address: 100 Tucker Park Road

For everyone who wonders how they can balance their work lives with their school lives and their social lives, they clearly never lived in Dunn. There are few residences better to live in than Dunn in the world! Dunn provides resources for students and they go the extra mile beyond conventional dorm structures.

2. Mackay Residence

Mackay Residence

Address: 45 Mackay Drive

Mackay is the UNBSJ residence option for suite style living. And as good as Dunn is, Mackay is right up there with it. Few student based communities have come out of universities that are as remarkable as the bonds forged in Mackay annually.

3. St. Andrews

St. Andrews

Address: 4599 NB-127, Saint Andrews

It may look odd from the outside, but rest assured, St. Andrews is easily the best off campus housing option. It is move in ready and can house many off campus students. Additionally, it is exceptionally spacious!

4. Rothesay Park

Rothesay Park

Address: 40 Rothesay Park Road

Rothesay Park has an excellent location in terms of what is nearest to campus. There’s also plenty of room for students to have their own space to get their work done on time and in good shape. The only major downside is the near astronomical cost that might not be feasible for a lot of college students.

5. Brunswick Square

Brunswick Square

Address: 8 Germain Street

Brunswick Square makes a name for itself as one of the cheapest off campus options for students at UNBSJ. It also has a quaint charm to it that mirrors it excellent location. Situated right in the hub of downtown action, Brunswick Square is a very desirable place to live for students seeking a genuine college experience.

6. McKenna Crescent

McKenna Crescent

Address: 35 McKenna Crescent

McKenna Crescent is easily one of the prettiest housing options on this list. Its quaint townhouse feel also helps students find a more affordable way to live and attend school at the same time. Rooms are available pretty regularly, but they also fill up really quickly.

7. Chipman Hill Suites

Chipman Hill Suites

Address: 71 Sydney Street

With an exterior bearing many similarities to the bar from Cheers, Chipman Hill embodies the qualities of community and camaraderie. It is a bit on the pricier side, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. It has some of the best amenities of any off campus housing options from any university.

8. Newman House

Newman House.

Address: 53 Dorchester Street

Located uptown in St. John, Newman House is a bit more distant from the campus. If you don’t mind walking or taking advantage of the transportation potentials, Newman House is a perfect option. Here, students really find a way to live independently while learning important skills of responsibility.

9. Crown Court

Crown Court

Address: 41 Crown Court

A lot of the things that matter to college students are all positives at Crown Court. Affordability, decent location, good sense of community: it’s all here. However, it loses points on the list because of its furnishings and style which can be kind of outdated and are not completely up to modern standards.

10. Bunkhaus Hostel

Bunkhaus Hostel

Address: 36 Water Street

Availability is prevalent at Bunkhaus Hostel! It’s located in an extremely noisy and busy part of town so it can be hard to study. But if you need a cheap place that probably won’t reject you, Bunkhaus is the best way to go!


The University of New Brunswick – Saint John is a phenomenal school for students from all walks of life. And thanks to the dorms, this provides them something remarkable. For students from all over the world to live together harmoniously.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at New Brunswick – Saint John

1. Room Basics


– Bed lofting kit
– Comforter
– Pillows
– Posters
– Framed pictures

2. Food and Snacks


– Forks and knives
– Fridge and freezer combination
– Bowls
– Paper plates
– Beverages

3. Tech and Entertainment

The New York Times.

– Amazon
– The New York Times student subscription
– MP3 players
– Computer chargers
– iPad

4. School Supplies

Push pins.

– Flash drive
– Desktop computer
– Bulletin board
– Pushpins
– Agenda

5. Cleaning and Organization


– Duster
– Laundry pods
– Paper towels
– Drain cleaner
– Vacuum

6. Campus Gear

Picnic blanket.

– Sunscreen
– Picnic blanket
– Sweatshirt
– Water bottle holder
– Backpack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Lava lamp.

– Fridge and freezer
– Blenders
– Lava lamps
– Living plants
– Razors

David Mello

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