1. Owning an excessive amount of UNH apparel.

The students at the University of New Hampshire possess a unique amount of school spirit. Walk through campus on any day, and almost everyone you see is wearing something with the UNH logo on it. There truly is nothing better than being surrounded by people that have so much love for their school every day!

2MUB, Philly, HoCo, T-Hall, etc. are all part the everyday vocabulary.

You begin to refer to these buildings with the typical UNH slang, and soon, you forget the actual names of the buildings. People that do not go to UNH will have no idea what you’re taking about if you ever have to reference a building here on campus to them, but when talking to a fellow wildcat, everyone knows exactly what you mean.

3. Knowing the significance of rubbing the wildcats nose.

As every UNH student knows, tradition is that as a freshmen, you rub the beloved Wildcat statues nose during orientation week, and you do the same on graduation day four years later. However, throughout your time as a wildcat, it becomes important to rub this nose for good luck as well. Or even just giving it a pat as you’re walking down Main St. on any given day.

4. Knowing every chant at the hockey games

Here at the University of New Hampshire, our hockey games are no joke, and neither is our school spirit. As a Wildcat, everyone knows all of the chants and cheers that are done at the intense D1 hockey games all winter. Coming together and supporting your team here at UNH is unlike anything at any other University.

5. Owning a skateboard, moped, or just walking (and hating it).

Everyone knows that UNH is a massive campus, and getting anywhere can be a hike when you’re tired. Everyone you see either skateboards down the long paths (quickly swerving around you and scaring everyone that walks, might I add). Mopeds are another popular form of transportation around campus. Finally, there are the people that walk from class to class and dread it everyday. No matter what you do, there’s nothing like the giant campus of UNH.

6. Looking Forward to late night at Philly.

There is nothing like being able to eat breakfast at 11pm after spending hours in your room doing homework. With Philly being open and packed with breakfast foods, french fries, and other great foods, it’s something that we all surely miss when we go home for breaks.

7. Loving DHOP pizza.

No one other than UNH students really understand how good DHOP pizza really is. Cheap by the slice, it’s something that every student looks forward to getting (twice a week at MINIMUM).

8But hating the 5 dollar cats cache minimum.

Nothing is dreaded more than the words “we have a five dollar minimum” when you try to hand the cashier your ID. It leaves you no choice but to throw in a soda to your order! Which isn’t always a downfall.

9. Laying out on the T-Hall Lawn is a favorite pastime.

When the nice whether is still lingering during the first few weeks back on campus, and when it returns in the spring, there really is nothing better than sitting on the T-Hall lawn with a coffee and your laptop. Located right on Main St., the busy flow of the campus is oddly calming for all UNH students.

10. You would not want to be anywhere else! 

Above all, UNH is a big family and there is nothing like the atmosphere here on campus. Everyone that attends UNH is proud to represent their school.

Kayleigh McElroy

Hi! My name is Kayleigh McElroy and I am a student at the University of Rhode Island! Being on campus has taught me a lot about learning how to manage my time, cope with stress, and adjust to the different living conditions! I hope to supply my fellow college students with advice and comfort on all of the situations that come along with being a college student.

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