If you haven’t been told already: winter in New Hampshire is rough, tough, and everything in between. But have no fear! Though there are many websites and stores where you can purchase winter apparel, almost everything you need is sold right on campus at the UNH bookstore!


Hats are necessary to not only keep your ears from feeling like they are going to fall off in the bitter winter air but for protecting your hair from falling snow!

Sweaters + Sweatshirts

There’s a huge chance you already own a UNH sweater or sweatshirt, but with winter coming up be sure to check the cycling styles for both men, women (they are pretty interchangeable and most are sold as unisex anyways)!


Let’s be honest, nothing is more satisfying than rolling up to class in sweatpants. And if you’re someone who feels hesitant to do so, trust me, when the snow starts falling more and more students will show up in these bad boys.


Although they restraint texting while walking, they’ll also restrain frozen fingers and hands so that’s pretty great.


Not only are scarves a huge style bonus, they can add a lot of warmth to the body by covering your neck and part of your face even. It’s a win-win!


All items above can be found at the UNH bookstore (when in stock) or online: http://unh.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBHomePage?storeId=29555&catalogId=10001&langId=-1.

Happy winter styling!!


Mikayla Clifford

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