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Looking for an easy A to knock off some of those pesky discovery requirements? Look no further! Here are 10 courses ranked by UNH students as a piece of cake!

Making Babies (NURS 401)

Yeah… we all know how they’re made so.. might as well take a class about it! Although nursing is one of the most competitive of majors on UNH’s campus, it’s great that this class is open to everyone. It also is a hidden gem for discovery courses! Be sure to be among the first to sign up as this class fills up incredibly fast.

Introduction to Puppetry (THDA 583)

Not only does this class encourage fun AND creativity, but it’s always great to get something out of it and in this case you’re getting some crazy self-made puppets! There’s a small showcase at the end of the semester, but other than that the class is fun. The professor is hilarious and it’s always fun to try something new. Who doesn’t love getting the “performing arts” credit without having to act out Shakespeare? Woohoo!

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (ENGL 501)

Writing can sometimes be stereotyped as boring or a lot of work but not in this class! A huge amount of UNH students who have taken the course rate it 5/5 stars for the creative output and easy workload the course brings. The professors encourage strong creativity and individuality.

Classical Mythology (CLAS 401)

Mythology is such an interesting topic that sometimes gets brushed up under the rug but luckily this course is keeping it alive and well! A lot of students personally who loved the lecture style of this class. They also said that the professors are passionate and highly educated about the topics, and are always available for office hours.

Germs 101 (BMS 407)

Germs are gross, yes, but this class is easy as pie.  And it’s probably safer to know about the germs in our world than to not know… right? However, this class fills up FAST so get on it if you want to get in!

Statistics in Psychology (PSYC 402)

The dreaded “Quantitative Reasoning” discovery requirement can be conquered with this less-scary math class. It’s both interesting and progressive in our society AND the professors truly rock. They’re also rated highly for being interesting and supportive. Let’s face it, for most of us, math is hard. But this class looks at math in a psychological setting so it’s easier for us less “quantitative” minds to understand.

American Sign Language I (COMM 401)

Who wouldn’t want to learn sign language, come on! So cool, right? If thinking of joining this class you better act fast because it fills up in a HOT SECOND so it must be pretty great.

So, hopefully, you found a new course to add to your schedule for next semester or even next year. Stay tuned for more!


Mikayla Clifford

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