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For anyone majoring or minoring in sociology, or anyone just interested in the subject, you have come to the right place! The University of New Hampshire has an excellent sociology program filled with many different courses to take that will have you eager to attend class every week. Here are the top sociology courses offered at UNH that anyone interested should certainly look into!

1.Introductory Sociology. (SOC 400)

Everyone has to start somewhere! Taking the intro class will open you up to what sociology is all about. You will learn about basic sociological concepts and have the opportunity to connect them to current events around the world. This course will open the door to the many other intriguing courses offered.Image result for sociology courses


2. Introductory Criminology (SOC 515)

Although this course could be a link to a completely different subject, UNH offers it as a sociology course– and a great one at that! This course teaches students about the sociological aspects behind crime. You will look at many different investigations and criminals and apply sociological concepts to the situations. Image result for criminology


3. Mental Health and Society. (SOC 625)

This course will cover mental health issues in the world and how society impacts them. You will discuss how social aspects can trigger mental health issues, as well as how society responds to mental health issues. This is a great course for someone who is also interested in psychology. Image result for mental health and society

4. Sociological Theory. (SOC 611)

If you are a student who is interested in how different theories come about, then this is the course for you. You will discuss how major theories in sociology have surfaced, as well as how a sociologist begins to form a theory about something. This course offers interesting information about the study of society and will give students a better understanding of what the field is really like. Image result for sociological theory

5. Drugs and Society. (SOC 620)

This course is rather relevant and holds a lot of information that many aspiring sociology majors may not have known. This course will discuss the numerous studies regarding drugs and the social societies they are seen in, and how the two are connected. You will apply multiple theories and uncover things such as why sociologists believe drugs are more popular in some societies rather than others.Image result for drugs and society


Overall, the sociology department at UNH is filled with great courses that are all extremely relevant. Social norms are changing rapidly, and it is important to understand this and learn a little about it. Consider taking some of these classes during your time at UNH, regardless of your major!



Kayleigh McElroy

Hi! My name is Kayleigh McElroy and I am a student at the University of Rhode Island! Being on campus has taught me a lot about learning how to manage my time, cope with stress, and adjust to the different living conditions! I hope to supply my fellow college students with advice and comfort on all of the situations that come along with being a college student.

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