Snow days

There’s no “perfect” school out there, we know that. And although UNH has a lot of strengths academically and outside of the books, here of some of the not-so-great things about UNH.


So, this probably goes without saying. Everyone, with or without a car knows that parking is a nightmare at UNH. It’s crazy expensive and there’s never enough room for all 15,000 students, faculty members, visitors, and alumni that pass through campus on a daily basis.  No one is exactly sure what the solution to this issue is, but one thing is sure, it sucks a lot.


Of course, the weather is inevitable and has nothing to do with UNH specifically, HOWEVER, plowing after snowstorms at UNH is horrendous. No offense to those who do it, because it surely is a very hard task to do, but plowing around the cars makes a bunch of extra snow forcefields that are just impossible to move around.

When there’s no late night

Sunday-Wednesday the students of UNH are happy. But Thursday-Saturday? Not so much! No late night! This means those late night cravings either have to be subsided, or dealt with dorm room ramen or money spent at WildKitty. It may be selfish to want it every night, but don’t we pay at least $2000 for the meal plan every semester? Seems like a fair request.

Gym timing

Odds are, you have tried to go to the gym at so many different times, just trying to find a time where it isn’t busy. JOKES ON YOU. Because it feels like it’s busier than New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Okay, that’s a bit far-fetched, but people at UNH sure do appreciate their exercise, and it shows based on how packed the gym can be. Sometimes just walking into the gym with full motivation, then seeing how busy it is will just make you want to walk right out… VOILA! That’s your exercise for the day in a nutshell.

The trek accross campus

UNH does a great job in making numerous shortcuts for the long hauls required on this gorgeous campus. BUT if you have a class at New Hampshire Hall, and you live in the Lower Quad? That means you have to walk almost all of Main St which is NO fun. And in the winter? Oh goodness, don’t get that topic started.

When wildcat transit lies

98% of the time the UNH busses are completely right and accurate about where they are, when they’ll be at your stop, and when you’ll get to the destination. But that 2% of the time when they decide to go offline for no reason or skip a stop really kills everyone’s vibe.

Freshmen can’t have cars on campus

It doesn’t seem like it would be such a problem, but damn, is it crappy to not have a car on campus as a freshman. It can suck because of the lack of parking at UNH, but it gets to a point where taking the bus is such an inconvenience and an annoyance. It’s important during your freshman year, to make upperclassmen friends so they can be your personal chauffeur (but they don’t need to know that’s what you really think of them).

So, there are the top things that SUCK about UNH. Despite these things, it’s a great school overall and has wonderful attributes. Maybe sometimes these issues could be dealt with though, yeah UNH?


Mikayla Clifford

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