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During your 4 years at UNH, you will come across many different types of professors. Some you may like, and some you may dislike. However, there are definitely many interesting types of professors that teach at UNH that you will not forget! Here are the 5 types of professors at UNH.

1. The strict ones. 

There will be many strict professors during your college years that will take attendance for every class, and will not bend the rules when it comes to due dates. Although these professors will be a pain, they will push you to work harder and you will come out with a great grade for the course.

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2. The ones that ALWAYS let class out early.

There will be professors that will only teach what they had prepared for that day, whether it be 5 minutes of material, or material that will take the entire class time. Most likely, this means that you will be let out early most of the time.

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3. The funny professors.

These professors will make you look forward to going to class. You will enjoy the time spent with them and they will teach the material while also making it interesting.

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4. The professors that assign a ton of work. 

There are always those professors that assign lots of work that can be seen as unnecessary. Those are the ones that make your semesters stressful and overwhelming, however you will learn time management very quickly with professors like these!

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5. The professors you are able to make connections with.

As you get deeper into your major, you will meet professors that will help you immensely. You will be able to develop relationships with these professors that may go a long way in your professional career. These are usually the best kinds of professors.

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Over your years at UNH, you will meet lots of professors that are all very different from each other. However, you will learn something from every one of them. Have a great semester, wildcats!


Kayleigh McElroy

Hi! My name is Kayleigh McElroy and I am a student at the University of Rhode Island! Being on campus has taught me a lot about learning how to manage my time, cope with stress, and adjust to the different living conditions! I hope to supply my fellow college students with advice and comfort on all of the situations that come along with being a college student.

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