New semester

It’s no lie that the Fall semester can be the most stressful, anxiety-inducing period of your life. And it can also be a great welcome-back from a fabulous summer. Whether your first semester of this academic year at UNH was one for the books or a total bust, here’s 10 reasons why the second semester is better than the first at UNH.

Better schedule

You now know that Friday classes are a huge no-no, and 8 am’s are even bigger no’s, so now that those are both out of the way, you can enjoy your hand-picked schedule. You can also bank on having some of the mandatory gen-eds out of the way so you can choose more interesting classes, and know how to balance them better with your extracurriculars. All-in-all, better scheduling is a definite for second-semester students.

Closer friends

You’ve made the best bonds with your squad during the first semester and now you can kick off another 6 or so months without the awkward introductory stages. You already know each other so moving forward you’ll get more comfortable and meet new people together. Woohoo!

New professors

So, maybe you absolutely adored your professors first semester. And maybe you absolutely despised them. Nonetheless, the best way to grow as a learner to get more accustomed to different teaching styles and classroom settings. You can look forward to expanding your horizon with a different set of professors and syllabuses (even though those are gross).

Campus familiarity 

This is probably one of the biggest ones because it’s definitely a weight off your shoulders when you know where you’re going. Even if you don’t know the exact location of the building, it’s pretty easy to navigate campus when you’ve been living there for 5 months (at least) already. Instead of having to leave 30 minutes early for your class to find where the heck you’re going, now you only have to leave 10 minutes early. Yes!

Spring break

Do I even have to explain? Spring break is a monumental occasion for college students, just be sure to plan ahead! Everything gets more and more expensive as time goes on, so don’t waste any in planning where to go and everything else. Spring break is perfect to blow off steam! I can’t hardly wait!

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Academic motivation

Now that you have your GPA for the first of the year, you can know where to go to get it to move in the direction you want or stay put if you did well enough. You can also readjust your workload and work habits to get a better second semester if you weren’t happy with your first. Regardless, you have more control of knowing yourself as a student.

Knowing your roommates

Either you’re sticking with your old roommate from day one of school, or you’ve switched to move in with one of your friends. In either case, you’re now familiar with how to function in the setting of your dorm and how to get along with them. Plus, you’re past the whole “do I look away while they’re in their towel or what?” stage and you can just continue living in the same space without awkward tension.

New budget

You have had all break to save up and, if you are lucky, your parents gave you a little something extra to start off this semester. You are ready to spend it all on extremely unnecessary, but extremely fun things. But also, you know… be responsible and all.

Better weather

Of course, we start out with the horrible months of January and February, but after that, things will start to warm up! The snow will melt and the sun will begin to shine more and before we know it we are well into Spring. It’s commonly known that weather affects mood and stress levels, so having a lot more exposure to sunlight will benefit all of us.


Now that we’ve made it through the second semester we get the holy grail of the year: SUMMER. Woohoo! Beach days and ice cream until we explode! I can hardly wait.

So there you have it! 10 reasons why the second semester at UNH is MUCH better than the first. No matter how your first semester went, at least you have something to look forward to!


Mikayla Clifford

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