So there’s definitely more than 10 student life hacks for living at UNH to make your life easier on campus, but these are the ones that make life the easiest. Yes, college is for making mistakes, but you will realize these 10 hacks are the bomb. Keep reading for 7 student life hacks for living at UNH!

1. Don’t be the early bird at UNH concerts…

Your roommate is never late, so she is insisting on going early to the concert. Don’t do it. The line might seem long, but nothing is worst when your excitement wears off and you’re profusely sweating and only the starting performer has come on. If anything, be fifteen minutes late to the concert.

2. Make sure you have the Uber app (the first ride is free) !!

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many students have yet to download Uber because they don’t think they need it yet. Seriously. The UNH campus is large enough. Make sure you have this downloaded if you don’t already! The buses stop running at midnight on the weekends and then from there on it’s your responsibility to get home. Even in the morning on weekends, the buses are horrid. Don’t be caught waiting a half hour for the weekend connector, just simply request an Uber!

3. Never take the Cottage Connector.

The Cottage Connector is slower than watching paint dry. If you want to take a joy ride around campus for an hour, go for it, but you can save yourself the pain and take another source of transportation!

4. Use your coupons UNH gives you your Freshman year.

You might feel rich as heck when you get to school. You just worked your butt off all summer and you have thousands in your savings, but don’t make the mistake everyone does and blow it all at once. Seriously.

Have you stopped to look through the coupon books you were given when you arrived on campus? Take a minute to read through these bad boys. Little things add up quickly and sooner than later you will end up with six dollars in your bank account. UNH gives you a big book of coupons, USE THEM.

5. Don’t think driving to class is faster than just walking.

If you didn’t know parking on campus is non-existent, now you know! Unless you leave a half hour early for your class chances are you won’t find a parking spot near class. Unless you want to be late, don’t think driving your car to class is faster than the bus!

6. Plan Spring break wayyyyyy ahead.

If you’re going through Student City, book your trip at least 6 months prior. The longer you wait the more expensive everything gets! Plus, you definitely want that perfect and fun location, so hop on that planning train early.

7. Get in the habit of saving all of your spare change.

This may seem pathetic, but if you’re losing money every year through loose change, #priorities. Let’s say you get back $0.50 per day in loose change and throw it in the tip jar. That’s nearly $200 by the end of the year! Loose change adds up and you’ll definitely need it! If you keep all your loose change in a jar, you’ll be surprised how much you have by the end of the year!

There it is! 7 student life hacks that will improve your convenience of the college experience because let’s be honest… it’s hard enough as it is! Remember these tips and you’ll be sure to have an even better four years! (Especially that last one- saving money is SUPER important).


Mikayla Clifford

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