Everyone knows that taking AP classes in high school is a great way to potentially earn college credit. But did you know just how many classes you could get out of taking just by testing out of them? Here are 5 to name a few, but there are plenty more in addition to these.

1. English

First-year writing is a required class for all freshman at UNH, but if you test out of it you don’t ever have to take an English class because you’ll have the credit already. You’ll be saving yourself from writing a million essays a week and dealing with a completely new level of literature. Obviously, it’s always great to do this to learn, but if you can save yourself the aggravation, why not?


US or European History

The “Historical Perspectives” discovery course at UNH is one that requires you to essentially take a history class. Although there are many to choose from, a lot of them are in the morning and have a huge workload, so it’s beneficial to get that credit out of the way. European history is known to be harder than US history. But for some, there is more interest in that side of the world than this country. Just feel out which one you think would be best for you, but definitely, do take one or both of these.


Foreign Language

UNH requires a full year of a studied language, meaning you have to take 2 semesters worth of it. By taking AP classes in high school you, unfortunately, can’t test out of this requirement but you can get a lot better of classes. The smaller the class, the better at class is a common attitude at UNH and at the beginner level, you’d find yourself in huge lecture classes with a bunch of students who don’t care about the language. But if you took a few years of foreign language and then the AP test? You’d be placed higher and let’s admit, that feels good.



Yes, AP calculus is one of the toughest classes out there. Everyone is aware of that, but you can get so much out of taking them in high school. You’ll never have to take a math class by testing out of the “Quantitative Reasoning” discovery requirement. Think about it… high school math or college math? Yikes, you know the obvious choice.


And finally, the 2 science requirements at UNH: “Biological science” and “Physical science”. Both of these can be knocked off your checklist if you take one or more AP science classes in high school. Keep in mind that most science courses at UNH also require a lab-which is usually late at night too. Some students may really enjoy that, but most would agree that not having a three-hour lab in addition to a two-hour class, is pretty nice!


Well, there you have it! The next time you’re signing up for classes, or don’t think that taking AP classes really have an effect on your education-think twice! You can do so much de-stressing just from getting a 3, 4, or 5 on the exams, so really put your all into the classes! And see you at UNH!


Mikayla Clifford

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